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Federal Law Keeps Colorado From Promoting Marijuana Tourism

Once the federal threat disappears, we're banking that "It's High Time You Got to Colorado" will be the next great state tourism slogan.

1 month ago

Colorado Is Rethinking Marijuana Limits on Pot Tourists

What Colorado is seeing now with pot tourism, few other states will be able to experience when all the laws change. It has a chance to both set a standard and make some money.

6 months ago

Colorado’s New Tourism Director Wants to Talk About Marijuana on Statewide Tour

For many travelers, particularly pot enthusiasts, it's more about educating them on what else Colorado offers when they want to take a break from certain recreational activities than convincing travelers to visit the state. Ritter's work will involve reminding travelers of the state's roots and unique offerings as marijuana inevitably won't be a differentiator forever.

12 months ago

Colorado Ski Resorts Worried About Impact of Marijuana Tourism

There's little reason that the opening of legalized stories in Colorado selling pot should adversely impact the state's tourism business. On the other hand, if resort operators believe they will be able to dissuade patrons from imbibing, then they are hallucinating. Especially in areas of the state where voters heavily approved the marijuana legalization effort.

3 years ago

Marijuana Tour Operators in Jamaica Look to Cash in on Legalization Trend

Several U.S. states and Uruguay are on the road to legalization and a drug tourism boom, which is fueling the efforts of advocates in other countries like Mexico and Jamaica.

3 years ago

With pot possession legal, Seattle police tell dudes they can get “baked” indoors

With pot possession and use legal in the State of Washington, increased tourism will undoubtedly follow.

4 years ago

Why Denver won’t tout marijuana tourism to become the next Amsterdam

State government was strongly opposed to Amendment 64 partly due to worries that a rise of marijuana tourism would negatively impact the state’s family-friendly branding.

4 years ago

If Twitter is to be believed, Colorado and Washington can expect a marijuana-driven visitor boom

Fresh off a victory and with a third term not possible, Obama may finally bring some sense to U.S. drug policies. If so, Colorado and Washington may be leading the vanguard among the states.

4 years ago

Dutch tourism could be hurt by marijuana ban, but enforcement left to the cities

The marijuana ban didn't smell good at first for Dutch tourism, but some observers feel leaving enforcement to cities means not much has changed.

4 years ago