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Maine Worries Its Offensive Governor Will Scare Off Tourists

Maine's governor is an embarrassment to the state, but unlike other states, Maine has not passed laws that restrict the freedoms of entire classes of residents and visitors. You can hate the politician but love your vacation.

3 weeks ago

Canada’s Weak Economy Is Bad News for Maine Tourism

A weaker Canadian dollar may be bad news for tourism in Maine but it's good news for American travelers wanting to head north to Canada.

1 month ago

Maine Tourism Did Fine This Summer, Even If Canada Didn’t Help

Maine's become such a draw for visitors outside of its traditional markets that a weak year from Canada won't hurt as much as it used to.

1 year ago

Canada’s Weakened Economy Is Bad News for Maine’s Summer Tourism

On the flip side: It's a good time for Americans to visit Canada this summer.

1 year ago

Small Ski Mountains Offer Intimate Service and Slopes on the Cheap

With so many glossy travel publications touting the personalized service available at brand-name resorts, it is easy to forget that a personal touch is embedded in the experience at small, family-run spots.

2 years ago

Maine Businesses Pray for Humid City Summers to Boost Tourism

Maine is experiencing the benefits of a rebounding economy and hoping the hot weather - terrible for city dwellers - helps accelerate their growth.

2 years ago

Hoteliers Flock to New England to Meet Growing Tourism Demand

Introducing new inventory to a market must be balanced against by a rise in tourism, but too often the number of rooms exceed the number of visitors -- especially in off-season months.

2 years ago

Portland, Maine Considers What Part Pot Legalization Will Play in City Brand

Denver continued to promote itself as a young active city even after its marijuana legalization vote, which would make Portland the first U.S. city to turn its laid-back attitude about drugs into an official marketing campaign.

3 years ago

Shutdown 2013: National Park Closures May Impact Cruise Ship Itineraries

The economies of towns dependent on national park tourism could be hit again if cruise ships alter itineraries, which robs the towns of another important source of revenue.

3 years ago

Maine Bike Tour Spotlights Communities that Guidebooks May Overlook

BikeMaine is a very creative way to showcase communities and tourism, and to boost the local economy. It should garner lots of publicity as the cyclists roll through the state.

3 years ago

The meaning behind Portland, Maine’s seemingly boring new brand campaign

Despite the meaningful backstory behind Portland’s new brand, it still fails to distinguish the city from its West Coast counterpart or give visitors a sense of the city without an understanding its history.

3 years ago

Maine Tourism opposes tiny lodging tax increase, but visitors won’t care

Maine's tourism authorities could better spend their time and lobbying efforts elsewhere, instead of drawing straw man arguments. Consumers, vast majority who want to come and spend money in Maine, won't be comparison shopping based on these tiny tax increases.

3 years ago