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Spain Tries to Lure Next-Gen Meeting Planners With Virtual Trade Show

It's surprising that more destinations don't create virtual trade shows like this. Although with virtual reality looming on the horizon and growing numbers of millennials moving into decision-making roles, that could motivate more cities to build these platforms in coming years.

11 months ago

Spain’s Record Tourist Arrivals Equal Big Profits for Its Biggest Airports

The Spanish airports can be considered the comeback kids of the industry after near destruction during the economic recession.

2 years ago

Spain Airports Valued at $9.8 Billion Before Partial Stock Sale

Madrid Barajas has become one of Europe’s most iconic airports, but its privatization signals the financial struggles that have underlined its existence from the start.

2 years ago

Madrid Bans Use of Airbnb and Other Short-Term Rentals for Less than 5 Days

Spain needs to balance regulating the black-market economy with making it easier to start a business or keep one running.

2 years ago

Spanish Airports Are Testing Travelers to See if They’re Happy

It's a simple way to gauge how your customers are feeling, but it needs more insight into why they are feeling this way.

2 years ago

Madrid’s Two Biggest Opportunities for a Tourism Revival Fall Through in 2013

Visitors to Madrid continue to slump and the 2014 outlook is bleak. Few companies are willing to invest amid Spain's economic malaise, making the capital's best hope for a revival a homegrown initiative.

3 years ago

Madrid’s Garbage Strike Causing a Stink for Locals and Tourists

Spain's belt tightening is especially difficult because when workers are laid off the options for other employment are few to none. Just ask the seasonal summer tourism workers.

3 years ago

Empty Madrid Hub Hurts Spain’s Ability to Sell Indebted Airport Operator

Iberia's coming return to profit will be the first step in turning around Barajas and attracting new airlines. Until then, operator Aena needs to boost the assets it does have if a sale is to ever take place.

3 years ago

Madrid Airport May Open Iberia-Exclusive Terminal to Other Carriers

If Madrid can't depend on the country's flag carrier to fill flights slots, it'll turn to other airlines that boost airport revenue and visitor numbers.

3 years ago

Tokyo Will Host the 2020 Summer Olympics

It was no competition. The IOC learned the hard way in Sochi that corruption, infrastructure costs, and conflict don't make the games any better. Japan was the most buttoned-up host they could find.

3 years ago

Madrid, Istanbul and Tokyo Patiently Wait for Tomorrow’s Olympic Decision

Whatever the IOC's decision, these three cities represent excellent choices for the summer games.

3 years ago

Madrid Positions Itself as the Economically Responsible Olympics 2020 Host

Madrid's bid appears to be far to smart for the International Olympic Committee. This is the same group that awarded the Winter Games to a Black Sea resort with little transportation and in one of the world's most hostile countries to tourism.

3 years ago