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The Rise of Civil Rights Tourism in America’s Deep South

Historically, tourism in the Deep South steered clear of discussing slavery and Jim Crow, instead leaning on less contentious topics like country music and antebellum architecture. But now, civil rights museums are becoming an important part of the South's tourism landscape, even if many state tourism boards haven't gotten on the bandwagon.

2 months ago

Sausage Tourism Takes Travelers Along the Boudin Trail in Cajun Country

We don't think we've found a type of food tourism that we don't like, which is amazing because there are many types of tourism that don't make us happy.

9 months ago

Gulf Coast Tourism Growing 5 Years After BP Spill Nearly Destroyed It

We've been on the receiving end of so many green washing emails from BP that we are much more skeptical of the conpany's help than the AP is here, but it is good to see that the oil giant's arrogance and sloppiness only devastated the region for a few years.

1 year ago

Louisiana Tourism Set New Records Again in 2014

New Orleans' continued revival deserves a chunk of the credit, too.

2 years ago

Louisiana Specialty Festivals Attract Out-of-State Visitors

The best festivals tout themselves as providing something unique. How well they succeed at that often translates into attendance numbers and receipts.

2 years ago

Super Bowl Helps Louisiana Reach Record 27.3 Million Visitors in 2013

Louisiana has overcome two major events including Hurricane Katrina and the Gulf oil spill in the past decade, making the state a role model for other destinations looking to attract visitor dollars after destructive natural events.

2 years ago

Louisiana Tourism Wants Political Group to Stop Hijacking its Catchphrase

Hijacking state tourism knows no political boundaries. Just ask Pure Michigan.

3 years ago

New Orleans Visitor Numbers Rebound Eight Years After Katrina

Visitors are staying for longer and exploring more attractions in areas outside of the traditional tourist zones, all signs that suggest tourism will soon exceed pre-Katrina levels in New Orleans.

3 years ago

Louisiana County Taps BP Money to Build Visitor Information Kiosks

It seems only right that the company that ruined tourism for the southern state aid its return as a major tourism destination, and the infrastructure needed to sustain that. And if history is any guide, we should expect an angry email from a BP flack in 3, 2, 1 ...

3 years ago

Reality TV Show ‘Swamp People’ Sparks Tourism Boom in Louisiana Wetlands

Nothing drives tourists to an unlikely destination like a hit TV show. Evidence of the strategy's success can be seen at the national park from Hunger Games, the Albuquerque candy shop made famous by Breaking Bad, or the isolated downtown where mummies roam in the Walking Dead.

3 years ago

Louisiana City Tourism Board Debuts iBook for Tablets to Strum Its Stuff

Are cost-effective iBooks the way to go to promote local tourism? The City of Lafayette, Louisiana, is going to find out.

3 years ago

Louisiana breaks state tourism record with over 26 million visitors in 2012

Louisiana will again break records in 2013 with tourists pouring into the state for this year's combo Super Bowl and Mardi Gras celebrations.

3 years ago