Uber Wants Arbitration, Not Class-Action Lawsuit in Surge-Pricing Case

Of course they want arbitration, which stacks the deck against consumers and in favor of the companies. We'd love to see sharing economy companies stop hiding behind arbitration rules in their terms & conditions.

Airbnb Sued for Allowing Racial Discrimination by Hosts

Platforms like Airbnb and Uber are able to sidestep laws by shifting responsibilities to hosts or drivers that other, older travel companies are required to abide by. Let's see some innovation in equality.

Hotels in New York and Chicago File Suit Over Marriott’s Purchase of Starwood

It's clear that not every hotel owner is thrilled about the Marriott-Starwood merger, especially those owners who compete against Marriott and other big hotel brands in the same key markets. How Marriott chooses to address Starwood property owners' concerns throughout the integration process is absolutely crucial for this deal to work successfully.

Booking.com Sues U.S. Patent Office Over Trademark Rejection

We pause our argument for the moment that the Priceline Group should be rebranded as the Booking.com Group because of the latter's wider brand recognition. The Priceline Group, which actually has no plans under way to rebrand, needs to get this messy Booking.com trademark issue cleared up first. It seems like such a stretch that one of the largest travel companies in the world can't get its trademark approved.

Tour Guide Lawsuit in Charleston, S.C Drags on With Broader Implications

In the same way that people don't want their plumbers to go freestyle while hooking up their toilets, they don't want people in tourism to be uneducated about the thing they're selling.

Lyft Has a Multi-Million Dollar Labor Issue That Uber Would Understand

Lyft sought to settle its legal issues with drivers by paying each one in California an average of $53, and that was an amount that the judge found to be grossly insufficient.

Kayak and HotelTonight Trademark Dispute Ends in Partnership

Kayak apparently got cute in trying to use the phrase "Hotel for tonight" in its apps and it appears as though HotelTonight prevailed in a trademark flap. Now they've partnered up as HotelTonight is selling through Kayak in a bid to trim costs.

Yosemite National Park Icons Will Change Names Tomorrow in Trademark Flap

Whatever way you slice it, Delaware North is the bad guy here. Nobody expects the federal government to be savvy about these things.

Lyft Asks Judge to Halt Uber’s Push for Confidential Information

With the heightened rivalry between these two companies and the escalation of investment into both, it's hard to see this conflict as anything but a proxy for what's happening on streets around the world.

Gogo’s Stock Drops, ViaSat’s Rises After American Airlines’ Lawsuit