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Rosetta Stone Turns to Vice to Reinvigorate Its Language Education Brand

Rosetta Stone has recently made major changes to its products, but it's now learning how to speak the language of a younger customer set for whom the changes will benefit most.

2 years ago

Five travel startups for speaking foreign slang and finding friends abroad

3 years ago

Google Translate adds Cambodia’s Khmer as its 66th language

Although Google lagged behind Apple in adding language support for the Cambodian language, its expanding portfolio provides better tools for communication between travelers, global businesses, and foreigners.

4 years ago

Rosetta Stone buys language-learning startup Livemocha for $8.5 million

Rosetta Stone remains the stalwart of language learning platforms, and rather than compete by innovating internally, it’s allowing the new crop of startups to ripen and then snatching them up one by one.

4 years ago

Babbel’s $10 million in funding translates into more mobile platforms

4 years ago

Airbnb updates its iOS app to make the mobile and web booking experience more similar

As Airbnb’s mobile bookings increase, it only makes sense that it strive to make the process as easy as possible, especially in terms of language as the company races to infiltrate foreign markets ahead of its competitors.

4 years ago

JetBlue is looking to hire up to 400 bilingual flight attendants this winter

The airline says the hiring doesn’t mean it’s increasing flights, but the language requirement reflects the carrier's interest in investing in overseas routes and services.

4 years ago

TripLingo rolls out version 2.0 with free content and on-call human translators

TripLingo’s long-term success will come from establishing partnerships with businesses and booking agencies to ensure the technology lands in the hands of monolinguists again and again.

4 years ago

HotelTonight expands in Europe and Mexico with localized language capabilities

Shank doesn’t reveal where the service will launch next, but Asia – a popular destination for both business and leisure travelers – seems like the smart next step after Europe.

4 years ago

Language learning startup Verbling adds classes via Google Hangouts and 9 new languages

Several startups are leveraging tech to connect strangers with a common goal in another case in which technology (like Google Street View) is replacing the need to actually board a plane.

4 years ago

British travelers almost completely agree that there’s “no point” learning local languages

The changing face of tourism means that Mandarin and Portuguese could join English in the next few decades as the lingua franca of the international traveler.

4 years ago

Southwest prepares to go global with launch of Spanish language website

The launch won’t drive Spanish speakers to Southwest’s website as other airlines and booking sites already offer translated web pages, but it is a sign of the airline’s commitment to expansion in Latin America.

4 years ago