Ireland Is Already Cashing in on New Star Wars Tourism

There are worse ideas than connecting your destination with the top grossing movie of all time. Just make sure you're ready for the crowds. Luckily, Tourism Ireland has a track record of knowing what it's doing.

Ireland’s Next Tourism Campaign Taps Into Mythical Legend and Lore

Many tourism bureaus are trying to drive visitors to their lesser visited destinations, but Tourism Ireland's region-specific campaigns are more comprehensive, and according to the data, more successful than most.

Getting Ready for St. Patrick’s Day Tourists in Ireland

From pubs to natural attractions, the holiday gives visitors the incentive they need to visit "now" rather than the future, a critical factor which all destinations look to promote.

Interview: Tourism Ireland CEO on Targeting the Right Markets

Tourism Ireland has stuck to its strengths in the countries where it knows it will have traction, but continued growth will depend on effectively using their available funds and potential partners to build brand awareness in budding source markets.

Tourism Ireland Makes Deal With HBO to Bring ‘Game of Thrones’ to Life

Ireland is attempting to replicate New Zealand's tourism success by branding itself as the real-life version of a mythical destination, and using the HBO logo adds credibility to the tourism board's campaign.

Tweeting and Singing Astronaut Pitches for Tourism Ireland

That the retired astronaut is working with Tourism Ireland is a nice thing. We're unsure, though, how effective he'll be as a booster now that that he's riding around County Donegal instead of rocketing around outer space.

Northern Ireland Builds Tourism Campaign Around ‘Game of Thrones’ Set

Film tourism is a big business these days and any destination that hosts a show as popular as 'Game of Thrones' would be a fool not to capitalize on it.

Irish Hotels and Tourism Businesses Fear Impact of Increased Sales Tax

A low sales tax and large tourism marketing push has boosted Ireland's economy over the past year. Irish leaders have to strike a balance between keeping taxes and prices low and profiting off the growing market.

Ireland Tourism pulls heart strings of travelers for Gathering initiative

Ireland has been criticized for its overly emotional campaign, but the outburst of large and small cultural events have driven visitor numbers up and boosted the economy.

What a hotel needs to do to get ready to host the G8 conference

The thought of a convention of world leaders is a hotelier's dream, but until it goes off without a hitch it's a bit of a nightmare.