The State of Early-Stage Travel Startups: Where Investments Went in 2015

Some entrepreneurs are subject to so much tunnel vision that they can't see when it's time to either pivot or give up. The themes of pivoting to B2B and targeting the vacation and short-term rental space are commonplace and it's realities like these that investors impress upon startups every day. Everyone trying to do the same thing without differentiating creates a lack of ambition, a sentiment shared by some investors we recently spoke to.

Starwood Founder Barry Sternlicht Invests in HotelTonight

Does HotelTonight really provide incremental bookings without detracting from the hotels' own websites and apps? Several big hotel chains and Barry Sternlicht are now on board and apparently believe so. But, what happens down the road when the humble startup gets too powerful? That's something to consider, as well.

Startup Raises $500,000 to Add Smart Hotel Bookings to Productivity Apps

Both unmanaged and managed business travelers are turning to their own mobile apps for bookings presenting an opportunity for previously non-travel apps to increase their own value by adding travel-related tools.

Norwegian Billionaire Sells Stake In TUI Travel As Merger Seems Doubtful

John Fredriksen's move is purely a financial transactiion, but it isn't much of a vote of confidence in TUI Travel and its ambitions.

Airline Stocks Rally as Revenues Rise and Fuel Costs Drop

Airlines have not been lucky often this year when they try to raise prices, but fuller cabins and lower fuel costs will still bring better revenues.

Breaking Down the Forbes 400 to Find the Richest People in Travel

Investing in travel isn't such a gamble after all, except if you're referring to gaming -- which appears to be a sure bet when it comes to wealth creation.

Vacation Ownership Site Gets $5 Million in Funding From Hotel Veterans

Venture capitalists are increasingly making bets that vacation homes and timeshares are a tremendous growth opportunity as an alternative to hotels.

Vacation Rental Startup Gets $1.5 Million in Funding from All-Star Investors

Many of these angels have some big wins on their resumes, some more than one. They see a huge opportunity in vacation rentals, a high-growth market where there is tons of room for improvements both on the management end, and the guest experience.

Why Are Celebrities Drawn to Investing in Travel Startups?

The right celebrity can add credibility and boost branding for a travel startup or lifestyle brand, but it is ultimately up to team, with their heads down executing, to bring a concept to startup stardom.

Hotel giant Blackstone plots a future for Hilton — with billions in backup

Blackstone is a very savvy, metrics-oriented hotel investor, and with $10 billion available to invest in real estate, the world's largest hotel operator is a lodging force to be closely monitored. Despite its public company status, Blackstone is fairly tight-lipped about its strategy, and the industry awaits Blackstone's next chess move.