Indian Booking Site Yatra To Go Public On Nasdaq, Valued At $218 Million

There is a round of consolidation left in the Indian online booking market, which has happened in every other major market but not here.

India Eases Restrictions on Airlines, Opening a Growing Market

Look for India's airlines to grow after the government moved to loosen regulatory restrictions. But the big winners could be larger, foreign airlines that own stakes in emerging Indian carriers.

Robots May Solve the Global Air Traffic Controller Shortage

So-called remote towers could be an elegant solution to staffing the air traffic control towers of countries like India, which is experiencing massive growth in air travel.

Bangalore Cracks Down on Surge Pricing, Seizes Uber and Ola Cars

Competition in India has led to massive price swings, from free rides to surge pricing that makes New Year's Eve in New York look like bargain fares. Apparently authorities aren't having it anymore.

Uber Accuses India’s Ola Cabs of Uber-Like Dirty Tricks

The best competition in the on-demand car world is happening in Asia. And if Uber is being out-Ubered by a rival there's cause for worry.

India’s Weak Infrastructure Limits Its Air Travel Growth

Corruption and poor infrastructure are hurting the Indian aviation industry just when it should be growing the most.

Nevada Is Trying to Boost Tourism from India

Nevada is trying to grow its tourism numbers from India while it revamps the way it promotes the destination in China. Both markets are critical if the state wants to remain competitive.

Venture-Funded Indian Hotel-Booking Apps Achieving Success With New Models

Apps in India such as Oyo Rooms and Zo Rooms are making a mark attacking real problems: the lack of standards and quality in the country's hotel rooms. Their creative solutions to the problem are showing some promise.

India’s IndiGo Airlines Seeks to Raise Up to $500 Million in IPO

Rising incomes in India have helped budget carrier IndiGo find a market and now it is seeking an initial public offering to propel its growth in what has been a challenged airline sector in the country.

India Issues Advice for Dealing With Uber and Its Rivals

Any government that provides easy to understand rules for Uber and its peers is doing its citizens a favor. The startups may not want to abide by them, but New York has taught us that tough, sensible rules work.