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Concur Buys Hipmunk to Bring Consumer Tools to Its Business Travelers

Six years after brashly boasting about how it would disrupt travel search, Hipmunk, which had to compete against larger players with more ample war chests, is exiting into the business travel portfolio of Concur. Hipmunk's turn toward business travel may make it more of a business-to-business play than its current consumer incarnation. As Concur's TripIt example shows, it remains to be seen how innovative Hipmunk can be given larger corporate priorities within SAP/Concur.

1 month ago

In Search for Perfect Hotel Results, Hipmunk is Latest to Give it a Try

Hipmunk's user experience in hotel search feels more convenient than on many other metasearch and booking sites but like everyone else, Hipmunk is experimenting and has plenty to learn. We have a long way to go but that's no surprise to anyone.

2 months ago

Interview: Hipmunk CEO on the Simplicity of Mobile Apps

Download the full report for an in-depth look at how companies in the travel and hospitality industries can leverage mobile applications to better serve their customers and grow their businesses.

10 months ago

Reddit’s New CEO Is Also Hipmunk’s CTO, For Now

A lot of people would argue that Kayak lost its product mojo when co-founder and CTO Paul English left the company. Huffman is not totally abandoning Hipmunk but his energies will be elsewhere.

1 year ago

Hipmunk Turns to Skyscanner to Fill Its Global Airline Gaps

Does this new affiliate relationship between Skyscanner and Hipmunk portend a more strategic partnership in the future? Neither company is pointing to such a scenario for now.

1 year ago

Interview: InterContinental Hotels Group Rethinks Metasearch Participation

Travel metasearch continued its growth spurt in 2014, and 2015 is shaping up as a year of disruption. And some of this disruption is coming from the travel suppliers themselves.

2 years ago

Travel Metasearch Is Missing One Big Thing: Good Data

Metasearch sites are at a disadvantage when it comes to owning the customer experience.

2 years ago

Interview: Hipmunk CEO on Online Travel’s Race to the Middle

In the end, the way things are going, airlines will become hotels, and hotels will become airlines. Taxis will become Ubers, and Ubers will become taxis. Convergence, baby.

2 years ago

New Trends Report: The State of Travel Metasearch in 2015

A smart look at the factors, including the rush toward direct bookings, that are shaping the entire metasearch sector in 2015.

2 years ago

Apps Vs. Mobile Web in the Travel Booking Ecosystem

Apps give travel brands something the web doesn't: a locked in user experience. That's not everything, though, since discoverability via search -- which favors the mobile web -- goes a very long way.

2 years ago

New Skift Trends Report: The State of Mobile Booking 2015

This Skift Trends Report traces some of the seminal shifts of 2014, from the dramatic rise in mobile bookings to same-day hotel- booking trends and marketing trends that impact mobile development.

2 years ago

Hipmunk Displaces Orbitz as Yahoo Travel Provider

Yahoo Travel opted to reach a deal with a search site, Hipmunk, which means in some cases users will have to navigate to Hipmunk and then navigate again to an online travel agency, airline or hotel site to complete their bookings. A little clunky, although Hipmunk also provides direct bookings on Hipmunk.com in some instances.

2 years ago