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Luxury Hotels Are Missing an Opportunity With User-Generated Content

User-generated content is low on cost, and high on returns on engagement, but it's not always being utilized by hotel brands to its greatest advantage says a new report from consultancy firm L2. But is having a lot of UGC necessarily a good thing, or are there better ways for hotels to use them to their advantage?

2 weeks ago

Hilton Dishes Up New Experiential Food-Pairing Program For Conferences

A lot of hotel groups are providing healthy food options for their meeting groups, but attendees are still dozing off in the afternoon. So Hilton is pairing its meals with fitness and team-building experiences to try and inject greater energy and focus into meeting sessions. More research needs to be done on this.

3 weeks ago

Hilton’s Newest App Feature Ups the Game in Guest Personalization

Minority Report meets hotels. It was inevitable. It’ll be interesting to see how this tech evolves, and how hotels walk the fine line between being serviceable and just pushing ads into guests’ phones.

3 weeks ago

Hillary Clinton Trouncing Donald Trump in Travel Industry Campaign Contributions

It looks like the travel industry isn't enthusiastic about industry player Donald Trump, the iconoclastic billionaire and hotel mogul. Meanwhile, Delta Air Lines CEO Richard Anderson has quietly emerged as a major Democratic donor.

4 weeks ago

Revamped Amsterdam Neighborhood Lures Hipsters and Tourists

The redevelopment of Amsterdam Noord reflects a trend in Europe and beyond where districts are turning old warehouses into housing and opening hipster attractions to tap into growing urbanization.

4 weeks ago

How Smart Hotels Use Messaging to Connect With Guests

Hotels are finally beginning to implement messaging strategies that make it easier for their guests to get in touch with them via SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and the like. But how are they doing that, and what's next in messaging?

1 month ago

Expedia and Red Lion Hotels Hit Reset on Loyalty and Direct Booking

Red Lion Hotels is obviously a much smaller chain than a Hilton Worldwide or Marriott International. Still, Red Lion's deal to offer its member-only rates on Expedia.com and Hotels.com represents the start of some shifting in the direct-booking landscape. Expedia is a powerful force in hotel distribution and there will be more of these changes to come.

1 month ago

Does Dubai Really Need Another Big Luxury Hotel?

Is there a real demand among travelers for robotic luggage handlers, 3-D mapping technology, or a massive rainforest? When is too much just too much, or do we need these types of hotels to remind us of what we can achieve when it comes to hospitality? Or when it comes to Dubai, does extravagance equate to authenticity?

1 month ago

Big Hotel Chains Ditch Full-Service Properties in Favor of the Light-Touch Approach

The growth of select-service brands from the major hotel companies isn't slowing down at all, and for good reason: They're easier to finance, build, and there's a clear demand for them. In short, it's a clear sign that hotels are learning to listen to what customers really want, as well as adapt to the new on-demand economy.

1 month ago

Hotel CEOs Think Their Direct Booking Pushes Position Them for Long-Term Gain

The big talking game we saw during the first quarter may have softened a bit in the second, but it's clear hotel CEOs are committed over the long term to pursuing and winning the direct bookings war.

2 months ago

Hotel Chains’ New Direct-Booking Strategy? TripAdvisor Advertising

In online travel and the lodging industry, as well as politics, astute observers follow the money. As it is with Marriott: The chain is using TripAdvisor 1) for bookings with lower-than standard online travel agency commissions and 2) to advertise even-lower-cost direct bookings on Marriott.com. Makes perfect economic sense.

2 months ago

How Much It Pays to Book Direct Depends on the Hotel Brand

Not all hotel loyalty member rates are created equal, and it pays to read the fine print.

2 months ago