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A GPS Error Is Leading Mount Rushmore Tourists to the Wrong Site

Sometimes we all need a reminder that blindly trusting GPS directions might get us lost.

7 months ago

German Carmakers Likely Winners in Battle for Nokia’s Here Maps

We're doubtful that a group of car manufacturers buying the mapping unit in order to better play defense will make as much of it as a tech company pursuing it for a more aggressive offense.

1 year ago

National Parks Track Visitors to Improve Services

Visitors to national parks are volunteering to participate in tracking studies so the parks can improve services. It is better than filling out questionnaires, the results of which can sometimes be questionable (pun intended).

1 year ago

Delta Hopes to Improve Its Pet-Fatality Reputation With New GPS Trackers

There's a bigger opportunity here for a third party to create an app and a smart collar that keeps owner and pet connected, no matter the airline.

2 years ago

Hertz Shows the Future of GPS Navigation With its New Tour App

Hertz is innovating standard GPS technology to give travelers the experience they're looking for on a long car ride. The app provides an experience that breathes life into GPS coordinates that will benefit destinations and hotels, as well.

2 years ago

How the New Foursquare Check-in App Swarm Works

Foursquare needs to bring its biggest fans along to Swarm, but it will be hard to do so if the users feel like they are being abandoned by the brand.

2 years ago

Foursquare Moves Check-ins to New Swarm App, Will Focus on Local Discovery

Is Foursquare spinning off the check-in so it can die so that Foursquare as a local discovery service can live?

2 years ago

The Future of Location Information in Travel Planning and Discovery

3 years ago

Newark Airport Navigation System Jammed by Employee Hiding from his Boss

That a roughly $100 device could jam the airport's sophisticated satellite navigation system is a sobering development, and highlights some real vulnerabilities.

3 years ago

Graduate Students Divert Yacht Using GPS Tricks

As the skies get more crowded with drones, this university experiment, in which students "spoofed" a yacht's GPS system, should be a red flag.

3 years ago

FAA to Require Foreign Airlines to Use GPS When Landing in San Francisco

The recent Asiana crash highlighted concern that foreign pilots use automated systems too heavily when flying. The new GPS requirement will ensure that pilots unaccustomed to manual flying aren't stuck relying on visual cues.

3 years ago

Hertz turns to hackers to innovate mobile customer service

Hackathons beat sitting around and brainstorming, and Hertz is smart to tap the wisdom of the coders as mobile becomes even more important in the car-rental industry.

3 years ago