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Gol Continues to Feel Pressure From Brazil’s Air Travel Slump

As Brazil's economy continues to struggle so too does Gol. It's hard to see the airline turning things around until business and tourist demand starts to rise.

2 months ago

Delta’s Partnership via Equity Strategy Takes an $81 Million Hit in Brazil

When airlines such as Delta and Etihad opt to make investments in partner airlines around the globe instead of making acquisitions, which can trigger regulatory hassles, the investor carriers are going to be subject to economic turmoil in partners' domestic markets. That just goes with the territory.

6 months ago

Delta’s Investments in Global Airlines Are a New, More Powerful Alliance

Who needs alliances when you can be a bully in the boardroom?

10 months ago

Brazilian Currency Plunge Put Gol in Bad Position

Less flights to the U.S. from Brazil means less foreign luxury shopping and spending that U.S. retail outlets in major markets have come to depend on.

12 months ago

Latin American Airlines Consider Mergers to Help Them Rise out of the Doldrums

It's like the 2000s in North America all over again.

1 year ago

Delta Expands Its Equity Stake in Brazil’s Struggling Gol

Taking equity stakes in troubled foreign carriers — maybe Delta does have a few things in common with the Gulf carriers.

1 year ago

Brazilian Airfares Rise as Flight Demand Picks Up

Travel demand is still on the rise from the lulls of the global recession and primarily domestic airfares are slower to pick up than international flights.

1 year ago

Avianca Brasil Sits Out Rivals’ Fare Fight With Bet on Free Meals

Avianca Brasil won't make a profit this year but it is maintaining its share of corporate travel while Gol and Tam are struggling to attract business travelers and are resorting to discounting fares to fill seats.

1 year ago

The Brazilian Economy Is Bad and That’s Good for Its Domestic Flyers

Is this the equivalent of the early 1980s in the U.S.? Or something unique altogether?

2 years ago

How the Dollar and Oil Prices Hit Gol Airlines When It Thought It Would Rise

Timing is everything.

2 years ago

Gol Looks to Raise Fares Even as Brazil’s Economy Slows

2 years ago

Florida Is the Next Battleground for Brazilian Low-Cost Carriers

Increasingly low-cost carriers are reaching abroad to test their model in a long-haul offering and provide further challenges to the legacy carriers.

2 years ago