Casinos in the Northeastern U.S. are Reaching a Saturation Point

Does the northeastern U.S. really need more casino resorts, especially when established gaming destinations like Atlantic City are struggling? Or is demand for these types of gaming-entertainment complexes so much that it justifies this slew of new resorts? We'll see how it all plays out.

Las Vegas Will Get Its First Non-Stop Flights to Beijing in December

The new Hainan Airlines service will help boost Las Vegas' gambling operations and drive higher convention attendance from Asia.

Measuring the Value of the Trump Name in the Gaming Business

Atlantic City will go down in hospitality history as a grand failure on multiple fronts. But in Trump fashion, his failure there was 'yuge.'

Las Vegas Airport Nearing Passenger Peak It Last Saw in 2007

We all know what happened in 2008, so seeing numbers near the 2007 mark mean better things were happening in Vegas in 2015.

Atlantic City Looks to Tourism to Save It Once Again

At some point a destination needs to face facts about its prospects. Atlantic City is still waiting for a savior it does't have to pay for.

Las Vegas Airport Thinks Growth Will Come From Abroad

Las Vegas is smart enough to know the the U.S. market may be tapped out. Now they just need to do a better job explaining to international visitors why a Vegas visit makes sense for them.

Atlantic City Sees a Future Beyond the Slot Machine

Atlantic City has a long way to go before it's on the upswing, but looking towards the meetings and conventions crowd can't hurt.

Macau Bets $27 Billion that Hotel Boom Can Reverse Law of Supply and Demand

Macau is playing a very dangerous game and it is courting economic disaster.

Experts Weigh in on Chicago’s Terrible Casinos Idea

Yes. Look at the wonderful success story that is Atlantic City.