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Chefs+Tech Newsletter: Instagram’s Influence on Restaurant Design

We're fine with the Instagram trend, just so long as you don't ruin our meal with your picture taking.

1 week ago

Chefs+Tech Newsletter: Restaurant Tech Investment, Robots and Umi Kitchen

Starting now, Skift is expanding into the business of dining out. Get the first look at what we're up to by subscribing, below.

2 weeks ago

Announcing Skift’s Expansion Into Food and Beverage: Introducing Chefs+Tech

Chefs+Tech is a natural expansion of the Skift umbrella, bringing the big picture view on the future of dining out, being fanatically focused on the guest experience, and at the intersection of marketing and tech. Expect a lot more on this front from us.

2 weeks ago

Thailand Opens Its First Halal Hotel in Attempt to Broaden Its Tourist Base

Thailand is smart to broaden its base, but we'd also like to see it address its bigger issues that are keeping other visitors away.

1 month ago

The New Los Angeles Hotel Handcrafted for Cocktail Snobs

If they're as good at hospitality as they are at crafting cocktails, make ours a double.

1 month ago

Craft Brewery Hotel to Tap Into Local, Experiential Trends

This was inevitable. As lifestyle hotels dive deeper into specific preferences and tastes, it’s no wonder that one of the biggest craft brewers in the U.S. has decided to capitalize on the incredible rise of craft beer tourism licensing its name for a new hotel, complete with a beer garden, of course.

2 months ago

Breaking Out of the Recommendation Bubble in the Age of Digital Discovery

Platforms for discovery of food and experiences can be a double-edged sword, and play us back more of the same.

2 months ago

Travel on Tap: The Rise of Craft Beer Tourism

Craft Beer is big business in America with a proven ability engage a new travel consumer who will spend added dollars to visit local neighborhoods and beer-themed events.

2 months ago

Interview: Visit California CEO on the Rise of Food Tourism Video

Visit California's video content strategy around food tourism incorporates multiple channels targeting different guest profiles.

4 months ago

Food Tourism in the U.S. Gets Better as Americans’ Tastes Improve

America's unprecedented obsession with food ultimately stems from rising overall standards and expectations in taste, presentation, and originality of prepared foods. The bar is set higher than ever. Destination marketers and local food stakeholders now compete globally, hence should work in tandem to ensure their assets and efforts get noticed and stand out with American travelers.

4 months ago

Food Tourism Along Maryland’s Ice Cream Trail

Destinations should look into any type of trails that make sense for their market. Plus: Who doesn't like ice cream?

4 months ago

New Skift Trends Report: Food Tourism Strategies to Drive Destination Spending

Over the last decade, the most innovative culinary travel experiences have emphasized the local destination as much as the local food and drink specific to that region. Understand the implications of this shift in our latest trends report.

4 months ago