Expedia’s Covert Weapon: Flyers’ Airline Reviews

Lots of consumers start their trip-planning with flights. Expedia will use its customer reviews of flights to spur more flight bookings but the company is also focusing on up-selling and facilitating smooth navigation to hotel and vacation-package options.

Port Authority Ex-Chief Pleads Guilty to Pressuring United to Get ‘Chairman’s Flight’

This was a corrupt performance on the part of the former Port Authority of New York and New Jersey chairman and United Airlines and some of its former executives don't emerge looking squeaky-clean either.

Google Focuses on Deals With Changes to Mobile Travel Products

It seemingly takes Google forever to roll out new features in travel products such as Hotel Ads and Google Flights. But in light of all that A/B testing going on, Google will continue to take its own sweet time. Google is not beholden to anyone else's schedule. After all, it's Google.

TripAdvisor’s New Flights Product Seeks to Do for Airlines What It Did for Hotels

After years of relative neglect as big online players focused on hotels, companies such as TripAdvisor, Expedia and Google are investing in and giving new attention to flight products. Kicking and screaming, airlines may end up having to pay more attention to their customers.

Legacy Airlines Change Pricing Rules To Boost Fares on Multi-City Tickets

Let's see: Delta, American and United simultaneously changed their rules on multi-city tickets to the detriment of price-conscious passengers looking to save some money. Three airlines that have a dominant share of U.S. domestic flights. Is anyone at the Department of Justice taking a look? They should.

Google’s New Mobile Tool Lets You Compare Destinations by Price

Should competitors be concerned that Destinations on Google is a harbinger of Google's global takeover of trip-planning and the travel industry? Don't be paranoid. Plenty of companies can out-compete Google but its dominance of search and ability to make traffic disappear on a dime are ongoing headaches given that the playing field tilts toward Mountain View, California.

Airlines’ Answer to Holiday Frenzy Is More Flights, Bigger Planes

U.S. airline math means adding 700 flights per day in the week before Christmas and cutting about 5,000 per day on Christmas Eve and December 25. The great unknown in the equation is whether the weather will cooperate.

Expedia Hopes to Get Competitive Edge by Helping Customers Better Understand Airline Fees

Flyers need to know up-front what they will be paying in various fees and Expedia thinks it will get in its customers' good graces by playing the transparency card.

American Airlines’ Technical Issues Ground Planes Across the U.S.

If this was happening at United it would just be another day that ends in a "y."

U.S. Airlines Carried Record Number of Passengers During First Half of 2015

U.S. airlines still had a record number of enplanements, and some of their best months ever for passenger traffic during the first half of 2015 even as they continue limiting their capacity growth to protect fares and profits.