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Ryanair’s Radical Relationship With Google? It’s Simply Joined Flight Search

O'Leary made such a fuss of its "relationship" with Google that one would think it's significant. It's not. Unless you're O'Leary and you live in a self-contained bubble.

3 years ago

SkiftSeedlings: Five early-stage travel startups tackle trip planning

4 years ago

Indonesian flight search Traveloka explodes as online booking makes it way through Asia

Travel agents in Southeast Asia are beginning to see their businesses shrink where online booking tools are now becoming popular.

4 years ago

Visual flight search startup Flocations raises $570,000 for its Asia-based discovery service

Users are drawn to visually appealing yet functional services like Hipmunk, but if it doesn’t gain traction with consumers on its own, the startup can power airline’s web apps like it’s done for Air Asia.

4 years ago

Stop booking so far in advance: Kayak says best rates are available just 21 days in advance

Early bookers may think they’re getting a deal (and the best seat), but could be paying $40 or more for flights booked six-months in advance. Finally, a circumstance where procrastination pays off.

4 years ago

CheapAir.com launches Easy Search for fliers too lazy to punch in destination and dates

CheapAir.com needs to come up with something more ingenious than this to break into the booking big leagues.

4 years ago

Flightfox flight search uses humans to find cheaper fares

Flightfox's competitions takes advantage of human skills -- cross-site searches, foreign websites, and non-indexed fares -- that algorithms and web searches can't match to find cheaper solutions to complicated itineraries.

4 years ago