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Gilt Gets Back Into Flash Travel Sales With Help From Secret Escapes

We're not sure that there's more of a market for flash sales now than there was in 2013, but we do know that expectations are vastly lower. And we know that Secret Escapes is now the only real player with this deal, its own site, and a similar agreement with, ironically, Jetsetter.

10 months ago

Jetsetter Outsources Hotel Flash Sales to Secret Escapes

Jetsetter still sees value in flash sales but it is such a small part of parent company TripAdvisor's overall business that it saw value in farming out that part of the business to Secret Escapes, which focuses on flash sales 24/7.

11 months ago

Google Ventures Leads $60 Million Round for Secret Escapes

Flash sales or not, travelers will find value in Secret Escapes if it can indeed negotiate exclusive deals.

1 year ago

Groupon Launches Standalone Travel App

Travel is still a relatively small portion of the overall Groupon business, although the segment notched solid revenue growth in the third quarter. The issue for Groupon in travel is whether a standalone app will make much of a difference as the popularity of flash sales seems to be diminishing.

2 years ago

Groupon Pushes Hotels Front and Center in Updated Mobile Apps

Will Groupon emerge as a larger player in online hotel sales? It's possible, but the necessary focus probably isn't there, and flash sales aren't on anyone's 2014 trends list.

3 years ago

Expedia Loses Co-Branding With Groupon on Travel Flash Sales Product

Groupon and Expedia have downgraded their partnership. Whether it was a mutual decision as both parties claim or push came to shove, it was clear that these two big brands weren't going to smoothly co-exist forever.

3 years ago

Starwood Launches the Weirdest Hotel Flash Sales on the Internet

Starwood's new hotel flash sales site has little flash, and it is a bad move to jump through hoops about your exclusive sales when in reality you can find the same hotel deals all over the Internet. Bad move.

3 years ago

Flash Sale Travel Deals: Not Always a Deal, Usually Very Complicated

This is just further confirmation of something we already knew: That travel deals often aren't really deals. Several sties, such as DealAngel and DealBase, have tried to make businesses of out vetting deals, but they never got really far.

3 years ago

TripAdvisor promotes Jetsetter and kills its SniqueAway flash-sales brand

TripAdvisor didn't buy Jetsetter to have it sit in the background, and the impending doom of SniqueAway is the logical next step.

3 years ago

When flash sales aren’t enough: Living Social gets hotel rooms from Priceline

The move outwardly appears to make sense for LivingSocial: If you are attracting a lot of traffic among users who aren't interested in your flash sales, why not diversify and get them to reserve a different hotel. Just how the economics plays out in the end remains to be seen.

3 years ago

LivingSocial cuts 10% of workforce but claims travel business “is doing great”

Gutting 10% of the workforce isn't much of a holiday package from LivingSocial. But it does highlight that the winnowing continues in the daily deals sector.

4 years ago

TripAdvisor’s Kaufer still loves flash sales and will take inspiration from Wanderfly

TripAdvisor claims it gives its subsidiaries the freedom to operate independently, but how it works in reality may be a somewhat different story.

4 years ago