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The Dream of a Pan-African Budget Airline Is Fading

While some of fastjet's wounds have been self-inflicted, it hasn't been helped by problems in key markets. The radical turnaround plans initiated by the new CEO seem like the last throw of the dice.

1 month ago

FastJet Says Africa Expansion Held Back by Bureaucratic Roadblocks

Governments run a big part of the show with the Gulf carriers and they're doing just fine. FastJet's problem lies in the fact that its ambitions are too far ahead of the smaller Sub-Saharan African governments who simply aren't ready for mass tourism's arrival.

12 months ago

Fastjet Expanding to Zimbabwe and Zambia After Slower Start Than Planned

It's good to see Fastjet thriving and carving out new markets where others have fallen short.

1 year ago

EasyJet Founder Gets 10% Stake as FastJet is Raising $25 Million in Funding

Fastjet is bringing the low cost carrier model to Tanzania, Zambia and South Africa. It's been tough-going so far, but this venture is being keenly watched to see if it can generate enough demand to be successful.

3 years ago

African Low-Cost Upstart Fastjet Postpones First International Flight

In the weeks ahead Fastjet will need to figure out how to match its ambitions with reality if it wants to keep up the enthusiasm others have for the low-cost carrier's prospects.

3 years ago

FastJet will skip South Africa domestic flights for now as it focuses on international

Sometimes travel companies, including airlines, have to make hard choices, and FastJet sees longer-haul flights across Africa as its first priority. The plan is to get to domestic South Africa flights at a later juncture.

3 years ago

FastJet confident in African aviation domination, despite foreign competition

There’s no question that African aviation is poised for growth, but it’s yet to be determined whether homegrown carriers can overcome high operating costs and weak infrastructure to reach sustainable growth.

3 years ago

Tanzanian low-cost carrier FastJet adds routes in South Africa

Despite early setbacks in South Africa, FastJet is adapting quickly to ensure it continues the expansion throughout Africa that it promised when it launched last fall.

4 years ago

Africa’s newest airline FastJet makes moves to buy South Africa’s 1Time

Africa is full of near-bankrupt and poorly managed state airlines, making acquisitions a quick and cost efficient way for upstarts like FastJet to build its fleet and expand routes early on.

4 years ago

Tanzania’s new low-cost carrier FastJet could come under criticism for too low fares

FastJet has the smarts of easyJet players behind the scenes, but it will need to watch out for the machinations of its East African competitors who enjoy higher fares and less-reliable service.

4 years ago

Africa’s new budget airline FastJet readies for inaugural flight through Tanzania this Thursday

Fastjet has a distance to go from flying between two Tanzanian cities to becoming a pan-African airline, but could become a leader with little competition if service proves to be reliable and safe from the start.

4 years ago

Tickets are now on sale for Fastjet, Africa’s most ambitious low-cost carrier

Sure, the lower prices are good, but Africa passengers will pick Fastjet if it can overcome regional challenges with safety and reliability.

4 years ago