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JetBlue’s CFO Is Retiring After 5 Years

Tripling growth in five years isn't a bad legacy to be associated with.

2 weeks ago

Air France-KLM to Try a Different Way to Transform Its Airlines

Not a terrible idea, considering the utter failure of the last transformation. Actually executing on the plan will be another matter.

3 weeks ago

United CEO on First Year in Charge: ‘We Need to Treat People Better’

Munoz still has the goodwill of industry observers, but he's going to need to make an impact on consumer-friendly metrics like on-time arrivals as well as market-friendly ones like earnings to turn the goodwill into longer-term success.

3 weeks ago

United Poaches American Airlines President Scott Kirby

Scott Kirby, known for his strong financial acumen, could be the savior United's investors have been seeking.

4 weeks ago

Southwest Airlines Board Backs CEO Kelly

There's no great outcry among shareholders for the Southwest board to oust CEO Kelly and COO Van de Ven. Until that happens, the unions are likely shouting into the wind.

2 months ago

Southwest’s Baggage Handlers Join Chorus of Critics of the Airline’s CEO

2 months ago

Founder of Enterprise Rent-A-Car Dies at 94

A real notable accomplishment: Enterprise made a name for itself as a rental car company that you didn't dread using, one that didn't hit you with fees until it hertz.

3 months ago

Sabre CEO Will Step Down by Year’s End, Leave Board of Directors

With the rapid changes now taking place on the distribution front, we'll likely see more leadership changes as players seek to better position themselves for new opportunities.

3 months ago

TSA Reassigns Its Security Director as Problems Mount at Airports

Kelly Hoggan's ouster as head of TSA security is tied to security lapses uncovered over the last year. It's also tied to massive publicity about incredibly long lines and the totally inability of the TSA, politicians, or airport officials to manage them.

4 months ago

Welcoming Onboard Skift’s New Research Director, Luke Bujarski

We are building the best travel trends research service in business, with data-intensive, real trends driving the future of the world’s largest sector.

5 months ago

Air France-KLM Announces Its New CEO and Chairman

Former rail exec coming in to save a troubled old-school airline? Where have we seen that before?

5 months ago

Expedia’s CEO Is Rewarded With $83.6 Million in Stock Options

Khosrowshahi has helped Expedia bulldoze over and ultimately consume rivals Travelocity and Orbitz. If you're going to award executives at this level, he's certainly on the deserving side.

5 months ago