United Flight Attendants’ Contract Could Help the Airline Advance — Skift Business Traveler

The new flight attendants' contract at United, coupled with other steps CEO Oscar Munoz is taking, could finally enable United to make up some serious ground against its competitors.

Etihad CEO Interview: The Incredible Value of Service

James Hogan has built Etihad into one of the world's most influential airlines. But Etihad still has plenty of challenges ahead as it deals with global pandemics, wars, and economic malaise.

Air Serbia’s New Route to New York Reveals Minority Owner Etihad’s Major Ambitions

Normally, a European airline flying five times a week to New York is no big deal. But this one is different.

U.S. Airlines Set to Lose Major Battle Against Gulf Carriers in Open Skies Debate

Delta, United, and American wanted the U.S. State Department to take unprecedented action against Emirates, Etihad Airways, and Qatar Airways. But the government didn't opt for a brash approach. This may well be the beginning of the end of the complaints.

The EU Pushes Back Against Gulf Carrier Subsidies

Now it's Europe's turn to bang the drum against unfair competition by the Persian Gulf carriers.

Etihad Airways CEO Hogan to Head Wider Group in Management Revamp

With Etihad's equity and codeshare partners contributing $1.4 billion in sales last year as their roles are growing, Etihad had to put in place a new structure to effectively manage a growing business.

In the Battle of the Airline Lifestyle Brands, Etihad’s Style Is Expanding

The goal is to make airline lifestyle brands relatable, likable, insidery, and envy-inducing badges of honor. Fashion and other style elements are the type of brand associations which make that connection happen. Plus: Women make key travel decisions for themselves and their families.

To Attract More Premium Passengers, Asian and Middle East Airlines Raise the Bar on In-Flight Meals

Gourmet meals for first-class and business-class flyers are nothing new, but these airlines are taking their offerings to new heights in an effort to win over hungry, big-spending, and food-minded flyers.

Skift CMO Interviews: Etihad and the Advantages of Building an Airline From Scratch

Etihad has had the advantage of a clean slate to work on and--some argue--a generous budget to work with. But, when we look back at airline history, other airlines also had these advantages at some point or other. What makes Etihad unique is how much it has done with those resources and opportunities to position and differentiate its brand--and how quickly it has accomplished these aims.

Delta’s Partnership via Equity Strategy Takes an $81 Million Hit in Brazil

When airlines such as Delta and Etihad opt to make investments in partner airlines around the globe instead of making acquisitions, which can trigger regulatory hassles, the investor carriers are going to be subject to economic turmoil in partners' domestic markets. That just goes with the territory.