Chinese Electric Carmaker Kandi Plans Rental Network in Beijing and Shanghai

It isn't often that you find a car rental company that manufactures its own vehicles. And, an electric car service is a great fit for parts of China, where air pollution is a major problem.

Nissan Targets World’s Tiniest Countries in Electric Car Push

The countries were targeted for their environmentally friendly mindset and relatively short car trips, but price still matters more than the green benefits to most consumers around the world.

Best Western To Use Electric Shuttle Vans For Green Energy and Financial Savings

You have to spend a little to make a little. These electric shuttles will be more expensive for Best Western at the outset, but the cost savings over time will make up for that initial, pricey expense.

Car Rental Companies Delay Electric Car Rollout Due to Low Customer Demand

Although demand has been lower than expected, rental cars will continue to integrate electric cars into their fleet. The rental market is seen as a critical step in wider EV adoption as it gives consumers a chance to test several models before purchase.

Orlando’s Rental Car Market Becomes Customer Testing Ground for Electric Cars

The "try before you buy" concept will work particularly well in Orlando, the largest rental car market in the U.S., where visitors from around the country can test the technology with zero purchasing commitment.

BMW Steps Up Electric Car Competition with New i3 Model

BMW's new EV is most expensive than those released by already trusted car companies such as Honda and Ford, but cheaper and more efficient than Tesla's Model S. It will appeal to a higher-end customer looking for brand recognition and a quality of design.

Road from Vermont to Quebec dotted with electric car charging stations

The hope is that small-scale partnerships like Burlington and Montreal’s charging stations are only the beginning to larger projects that make eco-friendly transport as easy and inexpensive as today’s main transit options.

Early adopters of electric cars are rich, urban, educated men

The differences in transit habits of those with and without electric cars has more to do with what drives people to purchase such a car and less to do with EV completely changing drivers’ commutes.

Frequent flyers across California are about to regret buying that electric car

LAX started offering the incentive over a decade ago, which no longer makes sense for the airport as it risks losing up to $120,000 a day from free parking.

Why there were more electric cars on the road in 1900 than there are today

Electric cars were easier to drive and cleaner, but bad business management drove them off the market as gasoline cars became cheaper and more accessible. There’s a lesson in here on how to leverage culture to get hybrids back on the road.