Skift Global Forum: Riding Bicycles and the Joy of Slow Travel

Travelers around the world are seeking ways to form deeper, more emotional connections to the places they visit, but the solution can be as simple as slowing down and taking it one step, or pedal, at a time.

Washington City Caters to Active Tourists with Local Cycling Map

Biking is gaining popularity as a form of local transit and a trip motivator. Spokane's mapping initiative appeals to both and helps brands the city as an outdoors and active destination.

Sportswear Brand Embraces Content Marketing With 8 European City Guides

Even as print travel guides give way to mobile apps and reviews websites, the demand for beautifully designed niche travel content is strong.

London Bike-Share Staff Plans 48-Hour Walk Out Over Wage Dispute

Revolutionary transport schemes have a way of having to deal with pedestrian challenges once they become successful.

Global cycling craze could boost Scottish tourism by $373 million a year

Cycling is hot around the world right now and a branding campaign that integrated cycling and Scotland’s iconic attractions could have the double impact of attracting new visitors and kick starting domestic ventures.

For the love of traveling on two wheels, part two

This one's for the purist slow traveler in us...

The nation’s largest bike share is finally starting in New York City

Will the hard-knock daily commuting reputation of New York City soften with this bike share program? It will be an evolving process, at best.

Cycling is the new golf: Business travel industry, are you listening?

Golf and golf courses have been a mainstay of business travel industry, but are they looking at alternatives like building cycling programs? Some like Kimpton, Fairmont and a few boutiques are looking at early experiments.