Is Crowdsourcing the Design for a Hotel Brilliant or Just a Gimmick?

Ingenious design strategy or clever marketing ploy? The business travelers who eventually stay in the hotel will be the best judges.

Eight ways airlines are using social media to humanize marketing

Tweets at passengers and sponsoring food trucks helps airlines soothe flyers bothered by crowded flights and hefty fees.

GE crowdsources ways to stop flight delays and save airlines money

Flight delays are the result of a such complicated and intertwined series of events that there won’t be an end-all solution, but perhaps a better way for airlines to predict the delays in order to cut their losses.

The Louvre launches crowdfunding campaign to purchase national treasure

Social media has a found specific niche within the art community where small museums use platforms like Kickstarter to fund exhibits while the Louvre appeals directly to patrons.

Airbnb offers more than a place to stay, launches Local Lists to popular local businesses

Airbnb wants to pop the tourist bubble to bring economic benefits to local neighborhoods, and its new, locally crafted mini-guides take advantage of active users to put this promise into print.

Verbalizeit will connect travelers to translators with the click of a button

Verbalizeit’s crowd-sourced translators are paid for their time, ensuring that travelers and business relying on the service for affordable and accessible translations will have help whenever it’s needed.