Panama City Is Desperate to Improve Its Reputation as a Spring Break Disaster

We're pretty sure that 11 months of disinfectants can't clean up the mess of one spring break.

New Orleans Could Impose French Quarter Security Tax

Portugal’s Coveted Golden Visa Program Under Scrutiny After Corruption Claims

Offering EU residency for the price of a very nice vacation home has always appealed to us. Unfortunately it appealed too much to the weaker instincts of politicians.

Korean Air Nut Rage Executive Will Go to Prison for One Year

Now that's a long layover.

Thieves Targeted American Air and United’s Loyalty Programs

Miles and points are worth something, indeed.

Law Enforcement Tells Uber Passengers to Be Vigilant Following Sexual Assaults

To all the startups who think that regulation is nothing but bad, here's a reminder why being cheap or careless about background checks is always a bad idea.

Uber Driver in India Faces Rape Charges Against Passenger

When your company is built not just on a quality service but on massive hype and promise, actions like this will naturally rise to the top of the newsfeed. Uber has a responsibly to be more proactive than reactive.

Police Target Online Travel Site Scammers in Global Crackdown

Mix stolen credit cars and valuable airline tickets and you have a pretty good criminal ring.

Times Square’s Costumed Characters Keep Getting Arrested

Times Square really is everything that's most disliked about tourism while loved by thousands of people a day at the same time.

How Cellphone Photos of Hotel Rooms Can Combat Sex Trafficking

The website idea is a clever one, but hotel employees -- especially at lightly staffed properties -- need an easier way to report suspicious activities in ways that don't put them in danger from the perpetrators.