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6 Charts Showing How Elite Chinese Millennials Prefer Their Luxury Travel

Millennial travelers are already money-makers for brands around the world. But luxury-oriented Chinese millennials seemingly look to fill up any free time with travel, and there is a substantial market to accommodate them.

5 months ago

Macau Casino Giant Bets on an Avatar-Like Theme Park

It'll be interesting to see if this family-friendly theme park can compete with Disneyland Shanghai--or Disneyland Hong Kong--for that matter.

8 months ago

Chinese Tourist Spending up 45 Percent in UK in Response to Streamlined European Visas

Call it the push-pull of international travel. Chinese travelers responded to the UK's streamling of the visa application process but the poor performance of the Chinese yuan made trips costlier for travelers.

1 year ago

Big Win For U.S. Tourism: Chinese Travelers To U.S. Can Now Get 10 Year Visas

This is a big win for U.S. tourism industry which usually gets little love from the policy makers, and if it does it comes in small doses.

2 years ago

The Simple Solution to Hotels’ Chinese Marketing Concerns

These demographic differences will likely become more pronounced as the Chinese traveler community grows, making them worth taking note of in the competitor for the high-spending guests.

2 years ago

Hotel Chains Make Comeback With Chinese Travelers

The likes and dislikes of Chinese international travelers are in transformation mode as they increasingly travel and discover the world outside their home country. They are traveling more independently, booking online or via mobile apps, and giving big hotel chains a chance.

2 years ago

Chinese Tourist Arrivals in Nepal Increase After Flight Pact

A new air services agreement between Nepal and China is boosting Chinese visitors to Nepal. If they fly there, they will come.

2 years ago

Chinese Tourism and Investments Surge Dramatically in Southern California

If you could have a sister city relationship between a city and a country, then Los Angeles and China would be candidates as Chinese tourism to Southern California builds dramatically in tandem with investment by Chinese companies.

2 years ago

China Sends Police to Paris to Help Protect High-Spending Tourists

This is one of the most bizarre initiatives we've seen employed to help attract Chinese tourists and encourage their high-spending habits. Will others follow?

2 years ago

Hawaiian Airlines CEO: State Not Prepared to Handle Chinese Visitors

Finally, some candor from the Hawaiian Airlines CEO on how promotional efforts are lacking, and Hawaii's current lack of skills in handling Chinese visitors.

3 years ago

CEO Interview: Hawaii Tourism Authority is Pivoting to Asia to Attract Chinese Travelers

Hawaii will definitely get in on the boom in travelers from Asia. The islands have lots to offer, but competition will be intense. With hotel rates soaring, hoteliers in Hawaii may come to realise that they may have to temper their rate hikes rather than make up for the 2007 recession in one fell swoop.

3 years ago

Harrods Wants To Introduce an In-Store Customs Officer for Departing Chinese Tourists

As long as a customs officer at Harrods would be an equal opportunity expediter, and not deal solely with Chinese tourists, Michael Ward's plan sounds like a great idea. A real bargain.

3 years ago