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Zika Fears Contribute to Drop in Some Cruise and Airline Stocks

Zika is having a noticeable affect on the travel industry. We might see more travelers cancel, or decline to book, their vacations to tried-and-true destinations in the Caribbean.

3 months ago

Overwater Bungalows Are Coming to Mexico and the Caribbean

For that quintessential South Pacific experience of staying in an overwater bungalow, travelers need only head to the Caribbean now.

3 months ago

The Caribbean Had a Great 2015 Year for Tourism, But Zika Is on the Way

The Caribbean needs to lead on the messaging rather than wait for U.S. news networks tell a story that may be good for ratings but not for information.

8 months ago

Thomas Cook’s Airline Unit Woos Lufthansa for Partnership

Thomas Cook is facing increased competition in the Caribbean and a partnership with Lufthansa could help the tour operator to control its costs.

10 months ago

Caribbean Beaches Covered in Growing Piles of Rotting Seaweed

If only global climate change wasn't a liberal conspiracy we may have an answer to the cause behind this ...

1 year ago

Caribbean Islands Face Terrible Drought This Summer

You know it's bad when Caribbean leaders are hoping for hurricanes and asking hotel guests to ease up on waters usage.

1 year ago

Interview: CEO of Caribbean Tourism Organization on Marketing the Region as One Destination

Tourism overall is picking up throughout the Caribbean and as the region enjoys healthy growth it must deal with a number of external pressures that are both similar and different from other destinations.

1 year ago

For Hilton Worldwide’s Hotel Deal-Maker It’s All About the Timing

Hilton Worldwide's Hampton has evolved from a midscale to an upper midscale brand, leaving Hilton without an answer for people looking for a stay in a midscale-priced property. Whether it's an acquisition or the development of a new brand, Hilton is busy looking for an answer.

1 year ago

Guyana’s First Five-Star Hotel Opens Amid Protests

Access and accommodations are the two most important factors in determining whether visitors will come to a destination so providing luxury-level service is the first step in attracting that kind of clientele.

2 years ago

Does the Caribbean Cruise World Really Want European Luxury?

Cruise virgins and veteran cruisers looking for something different is a big group to go after even if getting them on your ship is a big challenge.

2 years ago

Caribbean Tourists Arriving by Plane Worth More to Local Economy Than Cruise Guests

Despite a higher volume of cruise passengers, visitors arriving by land stay longer and spend more making them far more valuable for long-term economic growth.

2 years ago

The Caribbean Reports Record Number of Tourists and Spending in 2014

Expect 2015 and 2016 to see new travel patterns as cruise ships refocus some efforts and Cuba's opening causes ripple effects.

2 years ago