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American Airlines Expands Its Luxury Five Star Service Options

Travelers seeking next-level experiences now expect end-to-end service that is designed specifically for their needs. American Airlines realizes this and recently expanded its luxury experiences to include exclusive suite and transportation options.

American Airlines Expands Its Luxury Five Star Service Options

Business Travel

Traditional Car Services Won’t Disappear From Corporate Travel Anytime Soon

While ridesharing has gained solid traction in corporate travel, the business model of traditional car services providing ground transportation to companies is still strong. What remains to be seen is whether car services will widely adopt more user-friendly interfaces for hailing cars on demand.

Ground Transport

Uber’s delicate dance with legality is now an art form

Uber is obviously feeling some competitive heat, which is necessitating its expansion into ride-sharing.


Four Seasons adds complimentary Wi-Fi to house cars and limos

Four Seasons is putting hotels that still charge for basic Wi-Fi to shame and sending the message that they know what business travelers want by adding wireless connection to its car services.


What Uber’s ridership data can reveal about a city’s work versus play habits

Uber’s data breakdown provides an interesting comparison for American cities, but it’s difficult to truly extrapolate the data since the majority of any cities’ transportation users don’t rely on the car service.


New ground service app goes up against Uber and

Sure, ground service is a crowded marked, but Sedan Magic comes fromt he mind of a man who sold a company to Concur and learned what it takes to deliver a consistent service to high-quality clients across a variety of markets.