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Terror Fears Are Dramatically Shifting European Tourism Habits

If trends persist, expect Spain and Portugal to post record tourism numbers for 2016.

5 months ago

Ryanair CEO on Terror Impact and Pact To Time Schedules With Norwegian for Long Haul

European airlines and their counterparts almost everywhere are bracing for a next terrorist attack and worry about the potential that demand won't bounce back as it usually does. Meanwhile, Ryanair believes coordinating its flights with long-haul carriers such as Norwegian will become a material part of its business.

6 months ago

Belgian Air Traffic Controllers Launch Wildcat Strike as Airport Tries to Recover

Air traffic controllers at the airport in Brussels may have legitimate grievances but the timing of their strike was shabbiness extraordinaire.

6 months ago

Analysis Shows Drop in Short-Term Airline Bookings to Europe After Brussels Attack

More evidence that terrorism is directly impacting travel in Europe.

7 months ago

4 Charts Showing Brussels Attacks’ Impact on European Travel Bookings

Europe's terrorism problem goes far deeper than the attacks we saw in Paris and Brussels. But many travelers are still committed to making their European trips as planned despite a seemingly gloomy forecast for summer travel that these charts show.

7 months ago

Brussels Airport Reopens Under Tight Security

It was more than a mere reopening of a shuttered airport but a signal that a traumatized country was trying to reemerge from the depths.

7 months ago

Airlines Continue to Offer Refunds and Waivers for Brussels Flights

Airlines no doubt see an opportunity to turn cancelled Brussels plans into bookings to other European destinations.

7 months ago

Belgian Officials Meet to Determine How to Reopen Brussels’ Airport

Brussels' problems have been exacerbated by the Belgian government's inability to carry out the basic duties of government.

7 months ago

Brussels Airport Will Reopen With Limited Services and Makeshift Hangars

This is a passenger experience that will no doubt leave many unnerved.

7 months ago

Brussels Airlines Shifts Flights to 4 Other Airports After Bombs Close Its Hub

It's a huge undertaking to move flights and crews to other airports. Even trying to pull this off deserves respect.

7 months ago

Brussels Airport Will Be Closed to Passengers Until at Least Tuesday

Belgian authorities most certainly want to get the airport operational as soon as possible, but they don' want to move so fast they lose insight into how the bombing happened.

7 months ago

Belgian Chocolate Shops Prepare for a Decline in Tourism

While people will likely cancel trips, Europe will likely see a stronger year than they would have otherwise had, thanks to the strong dollar.

7 months ago