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Boating Is the Next Big Opportunity for Developers in Asia

As developers rush to meet the demand of super rich Asia travelers, they'll need to work with local governments and businesses to guarantee growth is sustainable and beneficial in the long term.

2 years ago

Boating’s Economic Impact Ripples Through Local Communities

The travel industry tends to overlook boaters, but they spend a lot of money in communities they visit. That being said, they do tend to bring their own sleeping accommodations with them.

3 years ago

Abu Dhabi Positions Itself to Become the Middle East’s Sailing Hub

Abu Dhabi is looking for relevance in the Middle East's booming tourism market. It's competitive airport is still years away from completion making sailing an easier point of entry.

3 years ago

The new breed of travel startups that wants you to borrow a boat this summer

Boat sharing avoids many of the regulations that make the sharing economy especially difficult to disrupt in the housing and auto industries, leaving quality and safety as the predominant determinants of success.

3 years ago

Chinese billionaire invests $1.6 billion in London hotels and luxury yachtmaker

Chinese investments are following their tourists abroad and investing in luxury hotel brands, real estate, and even yacht companies with expectation for a quick return in popular travel destinations.

3 years ago

Boat rentals ready to join the sharing economy with the launch of Boatbound

It was only a matter of time before boating made its way into the sharing economy, although it seems relatively late for an activity so synonymous with vacations and traveling.

4 years ago

SkiftSeedlings: Five early-stage travel startups take on boating, partying, and B2B connecting

4 years ago

Hertz rent-a-boat service launches for exploring Amsterdam’s canals

In Hertz’s first expansion away from car rentals, customers will have the ability to travel the city’s famous canals on boats for up to 20 people, and with optional services including a chef or captain.

4 years ago