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A Robust Bikeshare Network Is Still Developing in U.S. Cities

Bikeshare networks will likely struggle to gain traction until they connect users to more intercity transportation options.

7 months ago

Skift Podcast: Creating a Better City With Bike Shares and Smart Payments

Cities offer the ultimate platform for improving the quality of life for tens of millions of people. We pick up the discussion for this part 2.

7 months ago

San Francisco Bike-Share Program to Get Thousands More Cycles

Looking forward to the smug student who raises $30 million from Bay Area VC firms to launch an app that will find underemployed contract workers who will retrieve, then return the bikes for you because you're too important to do that.

1 year ago

San Francisco Proposes a Tenfold Increase to Its Bike Share Program

We're not sure that people in San Francisco remember what sharing's all about any more.

2 years ago

Milan Embraces Airbnb, Uber and Bike Sharing for Its World Expo

The sharing economy was made for special events like this. It's all the other times of the year that it can create problems.

2 years ago

The U.S.’s Largest Bike-Share Company Changes Name, Prepares to Expand

The MTA hire is promising, but Motivate needs to think just as hard about the user experience as it has been thinking about its new name.

2 years ago

Seattle’s Biggest Tourist Attraction Freezes out City Bike Share Program

This is one slight to a city bikeshare program that we don't mind seeing.

2 years ago

New Bike-Share Program in Copenhagen Comes With Onboard Tablets

Copenhagen's bike-share program puts others to shame. But, puleez, this would never work in a city like New York City. Fuhgettaboutit.

2 years ago

Bike Sharing Is Going Pint-Sized in Paris This Summer

The new program points to the success of both years of bicycle riding, as well as the relative success of bikeshare programs in Europe.

2 years ago

New York’s Citibike Workers Celebrate Year Anniversary With Union Organizing

It would be great to see Citibike workers get full-time status rather than being jerked around like a bunch of temps.

2 years ago

Plaza Hotel Fails to Get Citi Bike Station Moved Away From Property

While good for tourists and locals, the bike-share rack is considered an eyesore and disturbance to the Plaza Hotel, which is more concerned about its paying guests than the overall infrastructure of the city.

2 years ago

London Transport’s Bike-Share Privacy Slip Raises Concerns

Many big cities such as London and New York are making data available to the public in order to both be transparent and stimulate business. With that, though, come privacy concerns both real and (possibly) overblown.

3 years ago