Articles tagged “baggage handling”

Siemens to Sell Airport Solutions Arm Due to Lower Than Expected Perfromance

The sale contradicts the industry's excitement over next-gen airport solutions and highlights the continuing need for innovation and cost efficiency in rolling out new technology.

2 years ago

Did American or U.S. Airways lose more passengers’ bags in 2012?

With an average of two mishandled bags per 1,000 passengers, neither airline is particularly stunning in the baggage handling. Small operational improvement such as this would help make the merger a win for consumers.

4 years ago

Delta apologizes again, this time for passenger’s broken guitar

Delta has done a lot of apologizing lately, including to a disabled vet, and it should especially be careful about the social media whiplash potential of aggrieved musicians. After all, the video/song "United Breaks Guitars" has millions of YouTube views.

4 years ago

How airline crews service the plane between flights

It's curious that to depict this "highly choreographed ballet," CNN chose a flight from United, which ranks among the worst for mishandled bag complaints and on-time arrivals. Some airlines, such as Southwest, do this a lot better than others.

4 years ago