Measuring the Value of the Trump Name in the Gaming Business

Atlantic City will go down in hospitality history as a grand failure on multiple fronts. But in Trump fashion, his failure there was 'yuge.'

Two Atlantic City Casinos, Two Different Paths to Reopening

Over time, casinos proved to be both a boon and a detriment to Atlantic City. Is it possible for a hotel to survive in Atlantic City without a casino? Can Revel succeed the second time around? It'll be fascinating to see how it all plays out.

MGM Resorts Buys the Half of Atlantic City’s Borgata It Didn’t Already Own

It'll be interesting to see if MGM's management of the Borgata will make the resort even more profitable and, perhaps, boost the overall gaming and hospitality community in a city that's struggled so much in recent years.

Atlantic City Looks to Tourism to Save It Once Again

At some point a destination needs to face facts about its prospects. Atlantic City is still waiting for a savior it does't have to pay for.

Atlantic City Getting a Lifeline From Anime and Fan Conventions

Atlantic City has the infrastructure for massive meetings, it just has a culture that likely can't make the necessary pivots to move into the future.

Atlantic City Sees a Future Beyond the Slot Machine

Atlantic City has a long way to go before it's on the upswing, but looking towards the meetings and conventions crowd can't hurt.

Nearly Half of Atlantic City’s Casinos Shut Down in 2014

It's become clear that Atlantic City's economy can no longer survive on casinos and clubs, creating a challenge and opportunity to find which industry can take its place.

NJ Governor Gives Non-Gambling Businesses Incentive to Move to Atlantic City

Casinos and clubs have struggled in Atlantic City for close to a decade making Christie's efforts to reform the area tardy and insufficient.

Atlantic City’s High-Stakes Gamble on Vegas-Style Closes Its Doors

Atlantic City's attempt to become the Vegas of the east was doomed from the start, plagued by corrupt state and local politics and a destination that didn't really understand how far past its prime it really was.