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Atlanta’s Airport Begins a 20-Year, $6 Billion Upgrade

Atlanta's growth seems slow compared to the rapid expansion and modernization we're seeing in the Gulf region.

4 months ago

Atlanta’s Airport May Have Leverage to Force Better Uber Driver Screening

When it comes to security checks, Uber sees any form of friction as a threat to smooth operations. Even when that friction could improve the safety for riders.

7 months ago

Uber Rejects Driver Safety Requirements at World’s Busiest Airport

Uber is cheap when in comes to matching the security and background checks that its old-school rivals must abide by.

7 months ago

Atlanta Wants to Tell Passengers It’s Successful, Not ‘Busy’

We've been at many airports in the U.S. that are much less "busy" than ATL with much longer lines and crowded terminals. We think it does busy just fine (well, except for customs).

7 months ago

Atlanta Airport Is Ready to Welcome Its 100 Millionth Passenger of the Year

The U.S. is still on top when it comes to connecting the places by air, but the Gulf states are nipping at its heels.

10 months ago

Atlanta Airport Once Again in First Place for Guns Found in Carry-on Luggage

People so stupid they forget they're bringing a gun on a plane are too irresponsible to own a weapon in the first place.

1 year ago

FAA Employee Flies From Atlanta to New York With Gun in Carry-On

There's really no excuse for this.

2 years ago

Homeland Security Limits Flyers From Ebola Region to 5 U.S. Airports

The U.S. is shoring up its Ebola screening procedures for arriving passengers whose itineraries began in Liberia, Guinea or Sierra Leone. This might be viewed as a compromise as it is short of an outright travel ban, but it isn't likely to appease proponents of a ban.

2 years ago

Atlanta Airport Officials Unveil Plan to Add 6th Runway and Upgraded Terminals

Atlanta is geared to get bigger, but it will likely soon lose its busiest airport crown to Dubai in the next few years.

2 years ago

Atlanta Airport Is Adding Sleep Suites in Its International Terminals

For all its traffic, Atlanta's airport still doesn't compete internationally when it comes to services. This small step should help.

2 years ago

Jay Z Opens Outpost of His 40/40 Club at World’s Busiest Airport

Will flyers be able to use their loyalty programs to gain access to the VIP area? #Avgeeks need to know.

2 years ago

Atlanta’s City Council Offers Airport Incentives to Grow International Traffic

The focus on new international markets is a wise one as the threats to Atlanta's busiest crown are all abroad.

2 years ago