In a Shocker, It’s Been an Historic Summer for Plunging Airfares

Reduced airfares are great for consumers, but it's still unclear how much travelers are seeing in the lower fares that the Bureau of Labor Statistics' data suggest are out there.

Lufthansa Expands Services With CheapOair Even as Airline Pursues Surcharge

Lufthansa is being pragmatic. The airline knows its differences with the global distribution systems will get sorted out, one way or another, over the long term. In the meantime it still needs travel agencies such as CheapOair to sell its tickets and ancillary services.

JetBlue Embraces Apple Pay for In-Flight Food and Upgrade Purchases

We sure are glad the the FCC gave the go-ahead for passengers to turn on their phones in-flight. No more having to fumble for credit cards with Apple Pay on JetBlue flights. Google Wallet, though, appears to be missing in action.

Routehappy Secures $3.3 Million in Funding to Boost Airlines’ Ancillary Services

Like many travel startups, Routehappy labored to find its way. Now it is onto something with its Routehappy Hub, although there will be larger competitors trying to tackle the same problem. Still, tough problems like this create opportunities.

Sabre CEO Tells IATA to Leave the Innovation to Us

Sabre's Klein is correct that IATA won't be driving the implementation of the next wave of ancillary and personalized services from airlines. But the track record shows that Sabre won't likely be doing so, either.

GuestLogix to Acquire OpenJaw Technologies for $41.2 Million

GuestLogix gets to broaden its retailing reach and technology base through the acquisition of OpenJaw Technologies.

The 10 Airlines in the $1 Billion Ancillary Fee Club

With global airlines slated to have a margin of around $6 per passenger in 2014, it is clear that ancillary revenue, whether it be bag fees or selling frequent flyer miles to partners, is making the difference.

Why JetBlue’s Investors Are Hoping It’s Looking to Spirit for Inspiration

The JetBlue of 2015, 2016 and beyond likely won't resemble the JetBlue that we have known, but the question becomes how far with the airline take the merchandising tack that it is definitely pursuing.

Southwest’s $550 Million Integration of AirTran Still A Work in Progress

As airline integrations go, Southwest-AirTran has been relatively smooth. United-Continental is a nightmare in comparison.

DOT Tentatively Approves New Fee Standards But Business Travel Group Still Wary

In the past, whenever new distribution initiatives came to the fore, airlines, distribution systems and travel agencies would go to war over the details. With IATA's New Distribution Capability, a dialogue has emerged, although the devil will be in the details, and the Global Business Travel Association remains highly suspicious of the plan.