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After Record Profit, Air New Zealand Expects Increased Competition

Air New Zealand has been adding new routes but expects international rivals to compete more strongly in the near future.

2 months ago

Singapore Air Raises Virgin Australia Stake Amid Ownership Shuffle

Consolidation and joint ventures in the airline sector are heating up. Earlier this week, Alaska Airlines announced it would acquire Virgin America and now, the ownership structure of Virgin Australia is up in the air. With Air New Zealand considering bowing out, is there an opening for current investors Singapore Air or Etihad to swoop in?

7 months ago

Virgin Australia’s Largest Shareholder Air New Zealand Considers Exit

An interesting week of developments for The Virgin Group as two of its carriers search for suitors -- Virgin America is looking for a buyer and Virgin Australia is seeking more investors.

7 months ago

Air New Zealand Urges Fans Into the Woods to Out-Do Taylor Swift Lyrics

While other airlines' safety video promotions just seem like a joke gone to far, as a pioneer in the field Air New Zealand gets a pass to do nearly anything it wants.

10 months ago

Air New Zealand Announces 24 Percent Annual Profit Increase

We'd say that a sliver of a percentage of this profit is due to in-flight safety videos that passengers love to watch.

1 year ago

Air New Zealand Combines Rugby and Men in Black for Latest Safety Video

We're not going to say this is the end of the road for clever in-flight safety videos, only because we'd love to see Boyz II Men cleverly worked into an "End of the Road" themed in-flight safety video.

1 year ago

Best Travel Ads This Week: Destinations Celebrate Local Culture

Low-tech and high-tech productions can have a way of dialing in and out of authenticity.

1 year ago

The World’s Best Surfers Want to Teach You About Airline Safety

Air New Zealand was one of the first airlines to infuse creativity into otherwise stale safety videos and continues to improve on the concepts as other airlines catch on to its success.

1 year ago

Airlines That Turn a Safety Requirement Into a Content Marketing Opportunity

Airlines have a locked-in five minutes that they can appeal to flyers and, if they play it right, broadcast to others. Air New Zealand has played it better than others.

2 years ago

The World’s Best Airlines for Long-Haul Premium Economy

If you're going to pay more, you expect more. These airlines really get that.

2 years ago

Top 10 Airlines on Social Media for November 2014

Airlines' huge followings are the source of monumental moves in social interactions and acquisitions.

2 years ago

5 Travel Brands Winning on Social Media for the Week Ending November 29, 2014

Connect with your audience's passions by giving them something to do that is worthy enough to share.

2 years ago