Skift Podcast: The Serious Business of Modern Theme Parks

The most famous theme park operators in the world are expanding globally and improving their original properties in an effort to attract bigger audiences at home and abroad. Listen to this episode for a wide-ranging conversation about how that's happening and whether it's likely to pay off.

15 hours ago

Asian Tourism Investment Looks Promising Through 2026, But Challenges Loom

As the world's fastest-growing region for tourism it's a good sign that some Asian countries can expect to see healthy travel and tourism investment during the next 10 years. But a number of factors could alter these projections, particularly the Chinese market, as more global tourism trends are tested in this region.

1 week ago

Thailand King’s Death Prompts Tourism Concerns

Given the public adoration for the monarch, tourists visiting Thailand will have to be extra wary about how they conduct themselves.

2 weeks ago

Brand USA and U.S. Tourism Groups Target India as the Next Major Asian Tourism Market

U.S. officials are hoping that Asian tourism will continue to be a boon to the domestic travel industry, and driving tourism from India is the next step. A thriving Indian middle-class will only help accelerate outbound tourism growth.

2 weeks ago

Singapore Tycoon Wants Chinese Travelers to Visit Mega-Yacht Marinas

Singapore, quietly, is one of Asia's top cruise ports. Giving tourists something else to do when embarking a cruise or visiting Singapore is a shrewd idea.

2 weeks ago

Indian Himalayas Grapples With Overtourism Issues

As we've seen before in destinations from Iceland to Barcelona and Venice, overtourism is a double-edged sword: Good in some ways, but potentially harmful in others.

2 weeks ago

Tourism to the Philippines Also a Casualty of Its President’s Brutal War on Drugs

If history has proven, the kind of violence taking place in the Philippines under Duterte's leadership could have a damaging impact on tourism for many years to come.

2 weeks ago

The Changing Travel Habits of China’s Golden Week Tourists

Turns out China's outbound tourists are just as complicated as all other tourists. And there are many of them so very ready to see the world in all its diversity.

3 weeks ago

Disney Says Shanghai Park Attendance Has Exceeded Expectations, Despite Contrary Report

Official Disney attendance numbers may not be telling the whole story but long lines and high prices aren't the only thing the company needs to worry about in Shanghai. China will become saturated with more than a dozen new theme parks from competitors in coming years all looking to capture millions of theme park enthusiasts in the world's most populated country.

3 weeks ago

U.S. Issues Zika Travel Advisory for 11 Southeast Asia Countries

Zika is a serious threat, particularly for pregnant women and their offspring. Travelers should be cautious but with remedial efforts, this, too, shall pass.

4 weeks ago

Singapore Tries to Compete for Chinese Tourists With Shopping-Themed Week

Tourism boards for numerous countries are wooing Chinese tourists. The challenge is how do countries differentiate themselves on a long-term basis.

4 weeks ago

There’s Another Wanda Resort in China to Challenge Shanghai Disney

Wanda will easily be more successful in opening multiple parks across China, but Disney's theme park play has never been about saturation, it's been about creating destinations.

1 month ago