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"Software is eating the world." That's the catchphrase of Silicon Valley. It took time for "software" to dine on the hotel sector, but it's now devouring hospitality operations for breakfast.

Series: Travel Tech Briefing

Travel Tech Briefing

Editor’s Note: Exclusive reporting on technology’s impact on the travel industry, delivered every Thursday. The briefing will guide executives as they decide if their companies should “build, buy, or partner” to stay ahead.

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I like to keep an eye on travel tech companies that boost their revenue in seemingly profitable ways despite the pandemic-related crisis. Listening to these vendors can provide helpful clues about what's on the minds of hoteliers and other travel execs. But to be clear: When I summarize their viewpoints, I'm not saying these vendors are perfect. They're not the last word on any topic, either. This week, I listened closely to IDeaS. The key phrases I heard from its execs were: "automation," "profit optimization," and "providing offers to guests that are more relevant based on what we know about them." Some backstory, first. IDeaS is one of the largest makers of software that helps hoteliers set their room rates. IDeaS grew its revenue and profit in 2020, year-over-year. It said it has had a similarly strong performance in 2021 so far. As a private company, it didn't release specific financial numbers. IDeaS (once called Integrated Decisions and Systems) is a Minneapolis-based unit of SAS. I spoke with IDeaS' top executives in late September. We met at the annual HITEC conference. The pandemic prompted many hoteliers to change their approach to a practice called revenu