In this video:

  • The Mint House concept: How the company offers an experience that sits at the intersection of a hotel and short-term rental.
  • Defining a flex multifamily building: An explanation of what a flex multifamily building is, how they operate, and how owners can earn short-term rental revenue.
  • Financing flex multifamily buildings: Is this model investable? A deeper look at refinancing and raising funds from investors with a step-by-step breakdown of the process.
  • The advantages of partnering with Mint House: A look at the benefits of partnering with a company like Mint House and examples of feedback from guests and owners.
  • Response to Covid-19: How Mint House adapted its offerings and services during a year when traveler and landlord needs were constantly changing.

Skift’s Short-Term Rental and Outdoor Summit brought together leaders from across the short-term rental ecosystem, including participants from online rental marketplaces, investors, startup founders, and others, for interviews with Skift editors. During the event, conversations explored what might happen next for this rapidly expanding sector as growth outpaces the overall travel industry, along with big questions about issues such as consolidation, rate parity, professionalization, and more.

In this conversation with Will Lucas, founder and CEO of Mint House, we hear more about the Mint House concept, what flex multifamily buildings are, and why they’re an investable asset class.

This content was created collaboratively by Mint House and Skift’s branded content studio SkiftX.