In this video:

  • The shift from wellness to wellbeing: How do the terms differ and what impact will this evolution have on the travel industry? How will it change the way we lead and operate in the decade ahead?
  • Everything is converging: With the shift to remote work, the lines between our business and personal lives are blurring more than ever. This is resulting in new behaviors, values, and mindsets from consumers and industry leaders alike; and
  • Learning to collaborate: Businesses will embrace collaboration rather than competition in Asia and abroad. There will be friction at first, but soon collaboration will be viewed as essential for progress and will become intuitive over time.

In this video conversation from Skift Forum Asia, we hear from Fred Tsao, Founder of the Octave Institute, about the evolution of wellness to wellbeing, how remote work has changed traveler behavior, and how industry leaders can cultivate the mindset needed to create a more collaborative and sustainable future.

For further insight on this topic, be sure to download Skift x Octave Institute’s report on the State of Global Wellness Travel.