In this video:

  • Expanding the industry’s definition of sustainable tourism: Why it’s important for “sustainability” in travel to focus not just on environmental concerns, but also on how to increase local economic opportunities and foster community development
  • Recovery in the new normal: Understanding Costa Rica’s thoughtful plans for how to safely welcome back international flights, develop useful tools to aid financial challenges, and promote economic recovery measures while taking into account the the health of travelers and locals
  • Creating a more sustainable future: How to shift destination promotion from  marketing to a more holistic idea of destination management and stewardship
  • Learning what Costa Rican locals can teach the world: How the local Costa Rican expression “Pura Vida” can help inspire tourism marketers to imagine a new guiding vision for tourism in 2020 and beyond

There’s no question that the tourism sector in 2020 is entering a new era, a time when much of travel is in flux and the industry is working to put itself on the road to recovery.

As the industry proceeds with recovery, it’s important for tourism leaders to keep in mind the type of destination features and policies that lead to truly special and meaningful experiences for visitors, businesses, and locals
. Increasingly, that list includes not just nice hotels or plentiful flight connections: it incorporates values like environmental sustainability, the mental and physical well being of visitors, and a recognition by travelers and industry leaders of how tourism impacts local communities.

In this video conversation from the 2020 Skift Global Forum, we hear from Gustavo Segura Sancho, Minister of Tourism, Costa Rica Tourism Board, about how the country is laying the groundwork for a new vision of tourism’s sustainable future.

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