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Consumer research indicates that Baby Boomers are not only the highest-spending travel demographic, but the one most likely to place trust in a travel advisor. This is illustrated by the success of The Roaming Boomers, an agency that derives almost all of its business from the Woodstock generation.

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For the many travel advisors who are baby boomers embarking on a second career, focusing on their own peer group for business is a smart move. Recent consumer surveys indicate that not only are boomers the highest spending travel demographic, but the one most likely to seek help from a travel advisor.

That’s what Dan and Carol Porter, owners of The Roaming Boomers, have found. When their early retirement was derailed by a stock market crash, they went back to work by turning their popular travel blog into a highly successful travel agency.

Almost all of their business comes from people in their own age group or older. They say river cruises are especially popular with their clients, as they combine cultural experiences with ease of travel — two things that consumer research also says boomers value.

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— Maria Lenhart, Travel Advisor Editor

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