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Luxury travel companies are trying to move beyond outdated concepts surrounding high-end travel. We'll have to wait and see how serious they all are.

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The Skift New Luxury column is our weekly column focused on the business of selling luxury travel, the people and companies creating and selling experiences, emerging trends, and the changing consumer habits around the sector.

What does the word luxury mean to you? For many people it corresponds to excess. After all, if money is no object then there are no limits to what it can buy.

Recently, however, we have seen plenty of pushback on this idea, much of which has been featured in this newsletter. It came up again at the recent International Luxury Travel Market conference in Cannes in December.

Skift’s Deanna Ting found plenty of enthusiasm for “conscious” travel, something of an antidote to the excess for which the industry has been known.

“We try really hard not to use the word ‘luxury,’” said Neil Jacobs, CEO of Six Senses. “It’s evolving into something that has a certain connotation around it that doesn’t sit so well with us. There’s this connotation of excess. I don’t want to be about excess. I want us to be about community and connectivity. I want less to be more.”

This is what a new generation of luxury travelers wants and it seems companies are reacting to the demand.

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— Patrick Whyte, Europe Editor

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