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When the American Society of Travel Agents changed its name a few months ago to the American Society of Travel Advisors, it punctuated a shift that many travel professionals were already well-aware of. The nature of the business has evolved over the years, and many travel advisors are flourishing as specialists creating sometimes-lucrative trips for their clients.

We recognize that there is a need for a new and fresh type of coverage of travel advisors, and that’s why Skift is happy to announce that we will be launching a weekly Travel Advisor Innovation Report newsletter starting November 6.

The Travel Advisor Innovation Report, which will be sent every Tuesday, will cover trends, features, and news that will be valuable to travel advisors looking to maintain their edge, and position their businesses competitively into the future. As we do with our New Luxury, Wellness, Airline Innovation Report, Corporate Travel Innovation Report, Meetings Innovation Report, and Business of Loyalty newsletters, we’ll be looking at trends in the travel advisor business through the lens of marketing, strategy and tech, along with an emphasis on changing consumer behavior.

Skift has covered the travel advisor business in the past, but now we will give it an invigorated and steady focus. The Travel Advisor Innovation Report will offer some coverage of what the bigger players are up to, but we also hope to offer a fresh perspective and give voice to the needs of home-based or independent travel advisor businesses, as well. Skift is a global publication, with staffers and contributors in the United States, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Africa, so we will elaborate on international, as well as domestic U.S. trends, that are important to veteran and next-gen travel advisors.

Whether your business is leisure-only, or more commonly a leisure and corporate mix, the Travel Advisor Innovation Report will feature original Skift stories, as well as a selection of curated articles, to bring you what you need to know. There will be plenty coverage of hotel, cruise, luxury, wellness, and tourism trends as they impact the travel advisor business.

We’re happy to announce that veteran travel industry journalist Maria Lenhart will be the Travel Advisor Innovation Report editor. To give us tips and feedback, email Lenhart at or myself, Dennis Schaal, at or tweet me at @denschaal.