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As Skift has moved into our sixth year, we have been looking at various ways to deepen our roots in the travel sector, and that includes going deeper into our existing focus areas with more expertise.

The business of airlines has been a sector we have covered heavily from the start of Skift, and over the last two years our journalistic efforts have been ably led by Brian Sumers, our Senior Aviation Business Editor. This can be seen in our breaking news, in-depth analysis, and exclusive interviews, as well as the weekly Airline Innovation Report newsletter.

I am delighted to announce today that we are deepening our franchise in the airlines sector by acquiring the 14-year old newsletter Airline Weekly and its related assets.

AW is a subscription-only publication, built by the original team of Jay Shabat, Seth Kaplan, and Jason Cottrell into a highly influential global read consumed by CEOs and senior executives in the airlines sector. It’s paid for by readers who want a more interesting, deeper, and comprehensive read about the ins and outs of the airline business. We will build on its expertise to both deepen and expand it in various ways.

The newsletter will remain as a separate brand within the Skift family. Between our premium offering Airline Weekly and our free offering Airline Innovation Report, we are doubling down on the coverage of the global airline sector and now have the strongest business coverage of commercial aviation, both online and through our Forums around the world.

As the founders of Airline Weekly wrote in a note to their subscribers earlier today:

“Having the backing of a much bigger media company means we can provide a product and level of service beyond anything imaginable just a few weeks ago. In short, being a part of Skift means we’ll be able to do a lot more. Dig deeper. Go further…Rest assured, Airline Weekly will retain its signature style. In fact, the editorial team is remaining in place. As you know, Airline Weekly’s brand has always centered on providing more insightful and fiercely independent coverage of the industry. That’s an approach Skift embraces and very much plans to support.”

Check out Airline Weekly if you haven’t before, and better still, subscribe now! Drop me a note at if you have any questions for us on this.

Rafat Ali
CEO and Founder, Skift

Photo Credit: Skift is announcing that it is deepening its franchise in the airlines sector by acquiring the 14-year old newsletter Airline Weekly and its related assets. Skift