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Throughout the week we post dozens of original stories, connecting the dots across the travel industry, and every weekend we sum it all up. This weekend roundup examines tourism.

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>>A genius marketing move or a waste of money that’s more flashy than effective? That’s the debate that many destination marketers are likely having as they wonder if Tourism Australia’s ad will be a huge win or a major interception: Tourism Australia’s Super Bowl Ad Launches Its Largest U.S. Marketing Campaign to Date

>>See if you can resist! Skift Forum Europe 2018 Program Sneak Peek

>>Australians have taken to cruising like ducks to water. With around 85 percent of bookings going through travel agents, this sector is providing a shot in the arm for travel retailers hit by falling margins in their bread-and-butter flights and hotels business: Australians Are Cruising Like Locals — Close to Home

>>Disneyland Paris got a boost from its 25th anniversary activities in 2017; will the momentum continue? Disneyland Paris Finally Had a Good Year

>>Millennial-friendly products and services are finally on the rise in South Africa’s tourist industry, and the desire for immersive experiences could see a much-needed trickle down of tourism spend: Travel Megatrends 2018: Africa Needs to Woo Millennials at Home and Abroad

>>Brand USA’s content, including films, has generally won praise and performed well with many international travelers. But the competition on streaming services and TVs is fierce, and much of the organization’s challenge will be to tell compelling stories that don’t read like a tourism campaign: Brand USA Hopes Cord-Cutters Will Like Its New Streaming TV Channel

>>Spain’s popularity among UK tourists has not dwindled. Thomas Cook will be hoping demand to higher-margin destinations such as Turkey continues to grow or else it faces an expensive summer: Thomas Cook Looks to Turkey and Egypt to Ease Its Pain in Spain

>>While each visitor market is unique, many international travelers in the U.S. last year probably weren’t shopping until they dropped because of a stronger U.S. dollar: International Visitor Spending in U.S. Dropped for Second Consecutive Year

>>2018 will see greater numbers of Asian luxury travelers, but also greater challenges to meet more complex needs. As these travelers want to play in Asia, new high-end agencies are entering, while old ones are restructuring, creating new luxury divisions, or launching new luxury brands: Travel Megatrends 2018: Asian Upscale Travelers Are Creating a Luxury Tipping Point

>>Hogg Robinson Group has gone through a significant amount of restructuring in recent years. The board obviously thinks now is the right time to cash in: American Express Global Business Travel Agrees to Buy Hogg Robinson Group

Photo Credit: The Gateway Arch in St. Louis. Brand USA has a new streaming TV channel to promote iconic U.S. destinations. Nan Palmero / Flickr