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Throughout the week we post dozens of original stories, connecting the dots across the travel industry, and every weekend we sum it all up. This weekend roundup examines tourism.

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>>Tourism on Australia’s Gold Coast is booming ahead of the April Commonwealth Games. The challenge for operators, buoyed by strong demand, is to deliver memorable experiences to justify the high rates — and stimulate demand after the athletes go home: Australia Tourism Poised to Capitalize on the Commonwealth Games

>>We knew 2017 was going to be a wild ride for U.S. tourism and that’s certainly how it played out. Although many of Trump’s policies did more harm than good for the travel industry, some could have been much worse: Tourism Under Trump Year 1 Adversely Impacted the U.S. Brand

>>The U.S. travel industry doesn’t feel its approach to the Trump administration in 2017 was sufficient, and it’s taking the next step. The old playbook for dealing with the White House is no longer relevant as travel and related industries try to find their footing: U.S. Travel Is Launching a Coalition to Break Through to Trump

>>America’s first national civil rights trail has broad appeal. More international visitors are planning trips around these black history museums and landmarks, many new and revamped, and this trail could lengthen and multiply those trips: First U.S. National Civil Rights Trail Seeks International Tourism Appeal

>>It’s a complicated world and the State Department is trying to make it a little less complicated for U.S. travelers wondering if it’s safe to travel somewhere. There will likely be a learning curve to understand the new system and how other countries respond to them: U.S. State Department Overhauls Travel Warning System

>>It’s becoming clearer that 2017 has gone down as one of the worst and most challenging years for U.S. tourism in recent memory. In 2018, many destinations will likely step up their marketing of discounted options to get more foreign feet and spending power through their doors: U.S. Tourism Confronting Its Worst Year Since the Financial Crisis

>>Carnival’s high-profile new spokesman should earn the brand some fresh interest, but will it be enough to bring new cruisers on board? Carnival Draws on Shaq’s Star Power for New Fun-Centric Brand Campaign

Photo Credit: President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence depart Air Force One on August 22, 2017. Trump's first year in office had adverse effects on the tourism industry. Andrea Hanks, The White House / Flickr