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Throughout the week we post dozens of original stories, connecting the dots across the travel industry, and every weekend we sum it all up. This weekend roundup examines aviation.

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>>Like many airlines, Lufthansa worries that other companies could disrupt parts of its business like Netflix did with movies. To prevent that, it has launched a data-based offensive: Video: Lufthansa Strives to Become as Data-Savvy as Netflix

>>With this change by Lufthansa Group, travelers in Europe will have to adjust to the new normal in loyalty programs: Lufthansa Joins EU Carriers in Adopting Spend-Based Loyalty Program — Business of Loyalty

>>In 2017, politics dominated the headlines, which were built out of travel bans in the United States and the UK confirming to the European Union that the divorce would indeed proceed. Kick back for the upcoming holidays. We’ll all need plenty of energy for 2018: 25 Travel Moments That Mattered in 2017

>>Most high-value customers choose airlines based on two factors — price and schedule. But on the margins, airlines like to use marketing strategies to attract customers. Maybe Virgin Atlantic’s outdoor igloo at London Heathrow will help it win some new fans: Virgin Atlantic Builds an Igloo on a Deck at Heathrow — Airline Innovation Report

Photo Credit: Lufthansa is switching to a spend-based loyalty program. Rolf Bewersdorf Gregor Schlaeger / Lufthansa Group