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Throughout the week we post dozens of original stories, connecting the dots across the travel industry, and every weekend we sum it all up. This weekend roundup examines aviation.

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>>First class is becoming more rarified as carriers emphasize dense business class configurations. But the most exclusive product does still play a role for well-heeled customers and the marketing departments of top carriers: First Class Is Shrinking but Here’s Why It Remains Important

>>It is easy to see why Lufthansa, which sells flights and ancillary services, would be interested in blockchain. Airlines, hotels and tour operators might be able to use blockchain to dramatically reduce their distribution costs. At this stage, it is hard to tell how close this is to being a reality, and how fearful online travel agents and others should be: Lufthansa Partners With a Blockchain Provider in an Investment Worth Testing

>>Social media brings the world closer and informs us, but it also amplifies the insignificant to the point of crisis when patience would solve the problem better: Social Media Scares Us About Airlines in an Age of Permanxiety

>>Delta has a message for passengers who don’t like Basic Economy fares: Trade up and buy a better product: Delta Doesn’t Actually Want Anyone to Buy Basic Economy

>>After years of hinting, Southwest will finally fly to Hawaii. This is good news for passengers, as fares may fall — if only slightly. Other airlines won’t want to let Southwest win too much market share: Southwest Airlines Will Fly to Hawaii as Soon as Next Year

>>This is a good development for passengers, who must wonder why they still have to check in for flights in 2017. But for many airlines, check-in still serves a valuable purpose: Delta Air Lines Scraps Check-In for Users of Its iPhone App

>>Like a book or movie you’ve decided to take in for a second time, we’ve discovered there is a lot of value in viewing these videos even if you attended the Skift Global Forum in person. In many of them, there is an abundance of insight to absorb: Skift Global Forum 2017 On-Stage Videos Are Now Live

Photo Credit: Delta wants its customers to pay more for service and perks that are better than basic economy. Delta Air Lines