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Throughout the week we post dozens of original stories, connecting the dots across the travel industry, and every weekend we sum it all up. This weekend roundup examines aviation.

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>>As one carrier, United, backs off on basic economy, another, American Airlines, doubles down. Will this clear the field for American? Perhaps: United Backtracks on Basic Economy Fares as American Expands Them

>>We think there’s probably demand for this airplane for transatlantic routes. Wouldn’t it be great to fly between London and New York in fewer than three hours? But the airplane would have to make a fuel stop on longer routes, so it might be less useful from, say, Tokyo to Los Angeles or London: Supersonic Flights Could Be a Thing Again If the Market Is Large Enough

>>Alaska’s decision to partner with Singapore Airlines, a Star Alliance member, may seem strange, but there are serious benefits for international travelers: Business of Loyalty: Alaska and Singapore Forge Codeshare and Loyalty Partnership

>>Virgin Atlantic has a strong brand, but for years it has lagged far behind British Airways in most categories. The upstart has just been too small to be a bona fide competitor. But Virgin Atlantic is finally taking action to ensure it will be more nimble going forward: Interview: Virgin Atlantic CEO on Loyalty and Low-Cost Competition

>>Airlines might have some trouble in the Caribbean longer term, but Florida should bounce back relatively quickly. That’s good news for American and other U.S. airlines: American Airlines Expects Irma Will Be Short-Term Blip on Revenues

>>Skift Global Forum is four years old, and now it’s a non-negotiable calendar appointment for serious travel companies: The Speakers at Skift Global Forum Are Just Amazing This Year

Photo Credit: United Airlines is now pushing basic economy service less. United's basic economy service is pictured here. United